Jewelry Artist Profile

Antique Gold Flower Button Earrings with Red Czech Beads and Semi-precious StonesHi, my name is Brigitta and I’m a jewelry designer and dedicated fashion problem solver. I like to fix women’s fashion dilemmas with jewelry, so I was inspired to make my own jewelry line, Flirty Fashion Jewelry. Before designing jewelry I had 7 years experience in the fashion industry.
Stunning Blue Long Strand Earrings have Small Beads Encircled in Silver Rings as a Focal Point Between 2 Pretty ButtonsI’ve learned a closet full of tired clothes can be brought to life with great jewelry pieces. So don’t throw out those less than inspiring neutrals, use them as a backdrop. I create bracelets that are adventurous, earrings that dazzle and necklaces that have personality. I don’t follow trends, I believe in starting fashion trends using my jewelry designs.

I started designing my original jewelry by mixing semi-precious gemstones, fire polished czech beads and shiny silver and gold antique style buttons. As with any obsession, I didn’t stop there, I now also collect bright fashion buttons and all sorts of cute silver charms. I even take the spare buttons from the insides of shirts and jackets.

Big drop dangle earrings with silver pewter charms layered over large yellow buttons
Nothing is ever too colourful, too flirty, too bold, or too outrageously cute for this jewelry designer! I create bracelets, earring and necklaces for women who want to stand out and be adventurous. You go girl!

Glam Earrings shown at the top have striking antique gold flower buttons, red fire polished czech beads and sem-precious stones. Then Fashion Star Earrings shown above on the right have small faceted beads encircled with silver rings as a focal point between two pretty buttons. Finally Flirty Charm Earrings shown on the right have big silver pewter fashion charms layered over large yellow buttons.