Original Jewelry Designs

Flirty Fashion Jewelry is original bead, button and everything sparkling jewelry. I design delightfully daring bracelets, glamorous necklaces and bold earrings, incorporating a colourful mix of czech glass beads, semi precious stones with vintage buttons, bright fashion buttons and lucky charms.

Bold Button Necklace has Big Turquoise Buttons Accented with Small Shiny Beads Linked Together with Silver Chain LoopsFlirty Fashion Jewelry is my jewelry love affair. I’ve always loved fashion, especially bright dynamic accessories. Jewelry just naturally drew me in, because it can be added to any basic look and make it pop. You’ll learn through my blog that you can do alot with accessories when your wardrobe is under performing or under renovation. It doesn’t take much; a dazzling pair of earrings, a gorgeous bracelet, and an enticing necklace can get you back into fashion diva mode.

Bracelet has Bright Red Buttons and Beads Hanging in Pretty Charm Style DesignI applaud women who wear bright bold accessories, I always think these style divas enjoy life, they don’t hide themselves by trying to blend in. These women know that with jewelry, the business uniform becomes powerful, casual wear becomes urban chic, your little black dress becomes glamorous and that everyone feels transformed wearing the right piece of jewelry. I encourage all women to be like this with my sophisticated bold fun jewelry.

Shown above is Big Button Necklace which has large striking turquoise buttons accented with small shiny beads linked together with silver chain loops and on the left is Big Bling Bracelet which has bright red buttons and beads hanging in a pretty charm style design.