Bold Original Jewelry Makes Updating Your Wardrobe Easy

Cool necklace has green and teal fashion buttons layered on silver chainOne of a kind jewelry is not just for fashion mavens anymore. If you have a limited amount of clothing in your closet, because you have a difficult body shape to buy for, or you just hate shopping malls expand your wardrobe with original jewelry. Create your own dynamic fashion style with handmade jewelry and save yourself money and stress at the mall.

Bracelet has pink and purple buttons with crackle beads in pretty charm style designGive your office attire a fashion makeover too with original handmade jewelry. Combine a colorful engaging statement necklace with your business suit and give yourself an edge, or how about a chunky bracelet with clusters of fire polished czech beads for a touch of sophistication. The bold colors and cool textures in one of a kind handmade jewelry make it easy to update your clothing and be professional.

Diva Necklace shown above has layers of eye catching flower buttons. Cool colorful buttons hang pendant style on long silver chain and bring a bold edge to your style. So impress everyone with your new original look.

Earrings have gold flower buttons with blue or yellow Fire Polished Czech BeadsBig Bling Bracelet shown above has patterned buttons with shimmery textures and beads that vary in shape and size. The big silver chain links make this bracelet shine brighter in motion. All fashionistas love colorful chunky bracelets. 

Glam Flower Earrings on the left have fire polished czech beads and glamorous gold flower buttons. These fun earrings make your fashion style shine. Great special occasion drop dangles are a must-have for a gorgeous in demand fashion diva.

Use One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry for a Fabulous 3 Step Fashion Makeover

I applaud women who wear bold colorful accessories, these fashion divas enjoy life and don’t try to blend in. Style divas know that with original jewelry the business uniform becomes powerful, casual wear is urban chic and that tired little black dress is glamorous again. 

Pretty necklace has layers of dark pink buttons hanging from silver chainSo set the tone for how you want to live your life with how you accessorize.

Step 1: To get started wear your new bolder jewelry around the house and get comfortable with your revitalized fashion style.

Chunky bracelet has purple and green flowers with dragon veins agate, aquamarine and crackle beadsStep 2: Have a fun night out wearing your cool new drop dangle earrings and to-die-for bracelet. This is important, compliments from friends and admirers will re-enforce your confidence.
Step 3: Finally accessorize with a glamorous take-charge necklace and get the job you know you deserve. Don’t let anyone get away with passing you over ever again.

Bright earrings combine swirl donut shaped beads, accent beads and big buttons
Princess Necklace above casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant strands of chain. Necklace uses interesting shapes and details in a one-of-a-kind jewelry design perfect for soirees and romantic evenings.

Vintage Style Flower Bracelet above has translucent flowers, dragon veins agate, aquamarine and crackle beads in purple and blue. Bring fabulous back with chunky chic jewelry and prepare for an influx of admirers.

Candy Swirl Fashion Earrings shown just above have swirl donut beads and pretty accent beads combined with larger fashion buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it easy to add fashion flare to your look. A must have fashion accessory for fashion stars everywhere.

How to Use Bold Colorful Jewelry as an Amazing Fashion Focal Point

Need help with your fashion style? Try original jewelry as a fun fashion focal point so the eye has something to center on instead of looking everywhere and then away from you.

Long green necklace with elegant buttons, striking semi precious stones and faceted beadsWhat makes original jewelry a good focal point? A colorful chunky bracelet, a bold big necklace, or shimmery long earrings can keep the focus on you by adding layers of color with fun textures and unique design elements that never go out of style.

Big drop dangle earrings have large fashion buttons hanging from cute flower buttons
Don’t be afraid to show off your bolder fashion style with jewelry designs that highlight your individuality, because when you walk in to a room wearing original handmade jewelry, your friends will be crazy for your cute earrings, your charming bracelet and that bold necklace you wear so brilliantly.

Chunky bracelet has pink flower buttons, crackle beads and semi precious stonesLong Enchanted Mermaid Necklace shown above has big buttons, donut beads, unique semi precious stones and faceted beads. This layered strands necklace will adorn your neckline adding elegance and sophistication to your style. Shorten or lengthen layers to achieve your desired look.

These Big Button Fashion Earrings shown above on the right have large fashion buttons hanging from small flower buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangle earrings make it easy to add fashion flare to your look, because you’re bold and your style was meant to be noticed.

Vintage Style Glam Bracelet shown above has shiny flower buttons, purple jasper and pink crackle beads in a pretty retro jewelry style. Bring fabulous back with chunky chic fashion jewelry and be prepared for an influx of admirers.