Jewelry Making on the Weekend

Jewelry making is a perfect hobby for rainy days and when you just want to unplug from the world. Making your own handmade jewelry relieves stress and is fulfilling, because you get something wearable at the end of the day just for being creative with beads and chain.
Cool necklace has orange and red fashion buttons layered on silver chainEveryone should have a kit of jewelry making supplies waiting for them on the weekend. With colorful beads, long chain, memory wire, silver charms and fashion buttons you can make dangle earrings, charm bracelets and beaded necklaces for yourself and friends.

Bold earrings have cute buttons layered over colorful rectangular buttonsWhen making jewelry keep it fun. Don’t think you have to finish every design you've started on that weekend, some bracelets and necklaces take longer. When you put a jewelry design aside you may see ways to improve your design when you get back to it. It’s been proven that taking breaks from your creative projects actually improves your skills, so sleep on it.
Bright bracelet is made with colorful flower buttons and cute crackle beads Diva Necklace shown above has layers of eye catching flower buttons. Colorful buttons hang pendant style on long silver chain that bring a bold edge to your style. So impress everyone with your new original look.

Unique Button Girl Earrings shown above are a cute fashion accessory for girls and women. These sassy drop dangle earrings favored by adorable gals everywhere, pair colorful fun button shapes together and only the most adorable buttons are used.  

Cute Arm Candy Flower Bracelet shown above has colorful flower buttons combined with bright crackle beads. Any fashionable girl will enjoy this fun accessory that gives you a fun pop of color.

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