Colorful Handmade Jewelry Gives Your Fashion Style a Much Needed Pick-Me-Up

Original jewelry brings more color, texture and interest to any outfit. Look stunning and expanding your personal style with more colorful earring, bracelet and necklace designs. So if you want to add color to your life wear colorful jewelry! 

Bracelet has Deep purple flower buttons and lilac accent beads in Half twist design
I can’t imagine a world without color. Color shows passion, strength, individuality, and fashion style when used well. Most people are afraid of colorful clothing and wear neutrals all the time. To solve this problem wear bold jewelry and accessories with your neutrals. A shimmery flower bracelet and a pair of long dangle earrings can really set you apart. 

Colorful dangle earrings with fun buttons hanging in long strandsEnchanted Destiny Bracelet shown above has flower buttons connected in a unique half twist jewelry design. Shiny lilac beads seem to float above the deep purple buttons on silver connecting loops. It’s your destiny to own this pretty accessory. The combination of small shimmery beads and carved flower buttons make this bracelet a fun favorite.

Long Fab Party Earrings shown above are made with fun shapes in this cute 3 button design. These darling dangles have colorful flower buttons, square buttons and glitter buttons combined with bright fashion buttons. Buttons are handpicked to create long flirty earrings, so get yourself out there with these fabulous earrings.

Bold fashion bracelet has Big green buttons, swirl flower buttons and shiny accent beads
Handmade Big Button Bracelet shown on the left makes a bold statement with big green buttons, swirl flower buttons and cute floating accent beads. Your individual style pops with this original fun fashion bracelet that combines bright colors. This fashion accessory is designed for a big personality.

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