How to Accessorize with Jewelry Each Day

Pretty necklace has layers of pink buttons hanging from silver chainChoosing a bracelet and earrings to go with an outfit is easy and it just takes a few minutes. I have all my fun bracelets, long strand necklaces and colorful earrings in front of me when I get dressed and I let my imagination go.  

Colorful drop dangle earrings with fun buttons linked in long strandsWhen I get dress I select my jewelry first most times, because I can’t wait to show off a new bead and button jewelry design. But other times I pick my outfit first and then select a bold necklace, or fun bracelet with cute earrings to go with it.

I love bold colors, heart shaped beads, butterfly charms, flower buttons and semi precious stones. I can choose to be bold, cute, cool, edgy, pretty or glamorous. All these qualities make up who I am and it shows in the jewelry and accessories I wear.

Beautiful Princess Necklace shown above casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant double strands of silver chain. This necklace uses colorful fashion buttons with interesting shapes and detail. A one-of-a-kind jewelry design perfect for soirees and romantic evenings. 

Cute orange bracelet has big flower buttons, carved buttons and glass beadsLong Fab Party Earrings shown above use fun shapes in a unique 3 button design. These daring dangles have flower buttons and heart shaped buttons alternating with colorful fashion buttons. Buttons are handpicked to create long flirty earrings. So get yourself out there with these fabulous earrings. 

Cute Bead Rhapsody Flower Bracelet shown on the right has big flower buttons, carved buttons and glass beads in a jewelry design that gives your style an adorable yet bold look. This fun colorful fashion accessory is perfect for any cool girl with a bright personality.

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