Starting a Career as a Jewelry Designer?

Bold bracelet has big purple buttons accented with donut beads and smaller shiny beadsDreaming of a new career in accessory design, but don’t think you can do it? We are taught from a young age that being creative is good for hobbies, but for a career you must do something serious and follow the rules, it’s just safer that way. But there is no such thing as a secure job anymore. So do what you love and you’ll always learn something new. There’s security in that.

Long layered necklace with elegant buttons, striking semi precious stones and beadsYou may worry that you’ll make less money making original earrings, fun bracelets and cute necklaces than if you kept your old job, but there is always a market for talented jewelry designers. You can start part-time as an accessory designer and build up a customer base to make the transition easier. 

Some people just have to be creative, it's who they are. So live your creative dreams and don't wait for a better time. I am creative even when I don’t feel well. I can’t make myself do many other important things at the best of times, but I can always make fun earrings, colorful bracelets and cool necklaces. And I am convinced creating jewelry makes you healthier, because you can’t be stressed when you’re enjoying yourself so much.
Long dangles have small beads inside silver rings hanging from pretty flower buttonsThis Candy Swirl Fashion Bracelet shown above makes a statement with big buttons combined with striped donut beads and cute square accent beads. I design fashion jewelry for big personalities, so your individual style is brought out with this original fun fashion bracelet.

Long Enchanted Mermaid Necklace shown above has big buttons with donut beads, unique semi precious stones and faceted beads. Layered bead strands perfectly adorn your neckline adding striking elegance and sophistication to your style. Shorten or lengthen layers to achieve your desired look.

These Fashion Star Earrings have small beads floating inside silver rings beautifully accented by fun flower buttons above and fashion buttons below. These trendy handmade long dangle earrings were created for fashion stars everywhere.

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