Wear Bold Colorful Jewelry and Be Happy

Bracelet has green and teal buttons with beads in pretty charm style designWhen I wear colorful handmade jewelry I relax and enjoy life. I wear jewelry to feel good and it always works. Now I want to improve everyone’s life with big bold earrings, cute bracelets and fun necklaces, because bright colorful jewelry brings more happiness to your day.
Your environment has a bigger effect on you than most people realize. Never wear jewelry or clothing that makes you feel anything but your best. If what you're wearing doesn’t make you feel good, your fashion choices could be creating chaos within you. For instance if you only wear and accessorize with dark colors, slowly introduce brighter colors that are uplifting to your everyday and build on that.

Bracelet has bold red and pink buttons with beads in pretty charm style designMaking jewelry is also therapeutic when you use bold colorful beads and big fun buttons. You can use many other unusual design elements and incorporate them into a unique piece of jewelry too. When I’m in my jewelry studio with all my favorite colorful beads and bold buttons I imagine all the cute earrings, fun bracelets and cool necklaces I can create. My body and mind transformation starts to take place and my finished earring, bracelet and necklace designs never reflect any of my previous negative emotions.
Cool earrings combine swirl donut beads, shiny accent beads and big fashion buttons
In these Big Bling Bracelets shown above you’ll find buttons with patterns and shimmery textures. The beads vary in size and shape complimenting the button colors. The loops connecting the big buttons to each bracelet chain add shiny silver accents, making these bracelets shine brighter in motion. Fashionistas love colorful chunky bracelets, because you’re bold and your style is meant to be noticed.

Candy Swirl Fashion Earrings shown on the right have swirl donut beads and pretty accent beads combined with larger fashion buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it easy to add fashion flare to your look. A must have fashion accessory for fashion stars.

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