My Jewelry Making Obsession

Dramatic bracelet has stunning yellow flower buttons and clusters of shiny Czech beadsMaking original jewelry is a fun stress-free addiction. The more I experiment using colorful beads and cute buttons to create my bold, uniquely modern jewelry styles the more I want to keep making it. Something good always comes out of my afternoons of making unique earring, bracelet and necklace designs and I always have a beautiful piece of handmade fashion jewelry at the end of the day. 

When creating pretty drop dangles, cute bracelets, and fun necklaces I can start out feeling stressed from other things going on in my life, but after an hour I’m in a great frame of mind. I think it comes from looking at all the bold colors, fun shapes and layered textures in the beads and buttons that I use in my jewelry creations
Drop dangle earrings have silver heart charms layered over shiny blue buttonsI think everyone can benefit from doing something they really enjoy. I didn’t think of jewelry making as a career at first, just as a great form of stress relief. The feeling I get from creating new earring, bracelet and necklaces designs stays with me and I can leave all my frustrations behind, and at the end of the day I have created something unique made with my own two hands.
Cool drop dangle earrings have swirl donut beads and accent beads combined with big fashion buttons Enchanted Starlight Bracelet shown above has clusters of shiny flower buttons, glamorous fire polished czech beads and crackle beads in a bright gold and champagne colored retro jewelry design. Bring fabulous back with chunky chic fashion jewelry and be prepared for an influx of admirers.
Flirty Charm Earrings shown above have elegant silver heart charms over big blue fashion buttons. These surprisingly lightweight drop dangles bring out your cool style with fun charms boldly highlighted in front of colorful buttons. 

These Candy Swirl Fashion Earrings shown on the right have swirl donut beads and pretty accent beads combined with larger fashion buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it easy to add fashion flare to your look. A must have fashion accessory for fashion stars.

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