Colorful Jewelry For a Bold Friendly Style

Bold bracelet has big blue buttons, donut beads and square accent beadsWear bold fun jewelry at parties, on dates, for special occasions and even at work. Spread some happiness everyday by wearing bright colorful bracelets, bold shaped earrings and long layered necklaces. Original handmade jewelry designs give you an edge in new situations and when you meet new people too.

Handmade jewelry combined with my smartly put together outfits are an extension of who I am. With big bold earrings, chunky bracelets and one-of-a-kind necklaces I communicate that I am a fun take-charge person, because wearing colorful original jewelry inspires me to go for it. 

Edgy drop earrings have big purple buttons hanging from teal flower buttonsSo if you need to make a first impression that really counts, beautiful handmade jewelry with colorful beads and original design elements like fashion buttons will show the world that you're bright, fun and boldly creative. You can take it from there.

Candy Swirl Fashion Bracelet shown above makes a statement with big buttons combined with donut beads and cute square accent beads. I design fashion jewelry for big personalities, so your individual style is brought out with this original fun fashion bracelet.

Big Button Fashion Earrings shown on the left have large purple fashion buttons hanging from small teal flower buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it easy to add fashion flare to your look. A must have fashion accessory for fashion stars.

Fashion Star Earrings shown on the left have small beads floating inside silver rings beautifully accented by butterfly buttons or purple flower beads above and carved flower buttons below. These trendy handmade long dangle earrings were created for fashion stars everywhere.

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