Find Original Jewelry That's Just Right for You

Shopping for original jewelry designs? Follow some simple rules, look for fun unusual shapes and bold colors with contrast of light and dark tones to add interest to your style. Next handmade jewelry designs with shimmery textures can have people looking at you a little longer, because you just glow.

Drop dangle earrings have silver dog charms layered over shiny purple buttonsTo be sure you'll wear the jewelry you buy, look for elements in the jewelry that have meaning for you. Are the big bold earrings you're admiring in a color you really love, and does an adorable charm bracelet have cute puppy charms that remind you of your dog. Is the pretty flower necklace you're trying on just what you need to go with a fabulous dress you already have.

Always purchase jewelry that is comfortable. Make sure big earrings are lightweight, that necklaces aren’t too bulky around the back of your neck and that bracelets fit to your liking, for instance all the bracelets that I design are adjustable.

Cool drop dangle earrings have big fashion buttons hanging from cute flower buttonsFlirty Charm Earrings shown above have fashionable pewter dog charms hanging over big purple buttons. These surprisingly lightweight and cute drop dangles bring out your style with fun charms boldly highlighted in front of textured shiny buttons.
Flattering drop dangle earrings have 3 colorful buttons linked in long strandThese Big Button Fashion Earrings on the left have large fashion buttons hanging from small flower buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it easy to add fashion flare to your look. A hot must-have accessory for fashion stars.

Long Fab Party Earrings on the left have fun shapes in a unique design. Here colorful square buttons alternate with fashion buttons in these darling dangles. Buttons are handpicked for shape and color to create long flirty earrings.

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