Creating Colorful Jewelry - Designing Jewelry is an Ongoing Process

Making original jewelry styles is ongoing for a jewelry designer so I can’t stay stagnant as an artist. Thankfully I am easily inspired to create new original earrings, cute bracelets and bold necklaces. Everything around me influences my colorful designs, like a brash character on a tv show, or the colorful flowers and birds in my back garden. I think it’s great, because my jewelry is a combination of those influences and the interesting buttons and beads I find in my daily travels.

Dramatic bracelet has stunning blue flower buttons and clusters of shiny Czech beadsSome creative influences have stayed with me since childhood. My mom owned a garden center when I was young and I was always surrounded by flowers with brilliant colors and unusual textures. So putting flowers in my jewelry is part of who I am and my jewelry designs are a reflection of an ongoing love of color and nature that started when I was young.
Cute button earrings have pink and purple buttons and long drop dangles have green buttons hanging from crackle glass beadsSo how does this translate into creating new jewelry designs? I start with bold colorful beads and flower buttons, these two elements are prevalent in all my original jewelry. Then I layer more dimension into my earring, bracelet and necklace styles by adding more buttons and beads with interesting shapes and cute details, some big, some small. Jewelry design is an ongoing organic process, much like what happens in nature.
Vintage Style Glam Bracelet shown above has clusters of shiny flower buttons and glamorous fire polished czech beads in a smoldering retro Hollywood design. Bring fabulous back to your look with chunky chic fashion jewelry and be prepared for an influx of admirers. 

Unique Button Girl Earrings shown above are a cute fashion accessory for girls and women. These flattering drop dangle earrings pair colorful fun button shapes together and only the most adorable buttons are used. Sassy handmade earrings have fashion flare and will be favored by adorable gals everywhere.

Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown above on the right are long drop dangle earrings made with fun flower fashion buttons hanging down from glamorous large beads. You’ll look gorgeous wearing these stunning unique earrings that no one else has. 

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