Smart Jewelry Shopping for Comfort, Style and Wearability

When buying jewelry, keep in mind that when you put on a new colorful bracelet, big necklace, or fun long earrings you should only be aware of jewelry when people compliment you on it, or if you love the original design so much you can’t stop admiring it.

You want a full and finished looking handcrafted bracelet that’s not bulky, or uncomfortable around your wrist, but also I’ve seen bracelets with too few beads that look unfinished. You want a beaded necklace that’s lays flat on the back of your neck, because you don’t want to deal with a collar resting uncomfortably over bulky beads and chain, and you don’t want drop earrings that are so heavy, you feel like holding them up to give your poor ears a break.

Lastly your unique jewelry should be easy to put on and take off. No fashion accessory piece should be too tight, or too loose, so look for adjustable jewelry styles. Because if you have a cool jewelry design many people like, you’ll be taking it off many times so they all can try it on.

Colorful Bead wrap Bracelet shown above has many colorful semi precious beads in interesting shapes and sizes, and fire polished czech beads on four circles of memory wire in a jewelry design that glimmers with so much to look at.

Cute Rhapsody Flower Bracelet shown on the right has big colorful fashion buttons and flower buttons in a jewelry design that gives your style an adorable vintage look. This fun, bold yet elegant fashion accessory is perfect for any occasion.

Updated Red Diva Necklace shown on the right has plunging double layers of eye catching buttons that brings a bold edge to your style. Cool fashion buttons and flower buttons hang pendant style on long silver loops and add interest to any ensemble, so impress everyone with your new original look.

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