Jewelry Making Fun for Everyone

Making colorful jewelry with friends is a fun, crazy and unique afternoon experience. I invited my girlfriends over to my studio and was surprised they all did so well; designing funky bold earrings, chunky cool bracelets and big statement necklaces.
Layered necklace has green and blue fashion buttons on two strands of silver chainSome people are just naturals at being creative. When I showed my girlfriends how everything went together, they came up with their own one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using the beads, buttons, charms and other cute trinkets I had available.
I placed several pairs of pliers, lots of chain, eye pins, earring hooks and clasps on a long table in my jewelry studio, along with containers of semi-precious gemstones, flower buttons, silver charms and colorful fire polished czech beads to help with our afternoon of jewelry making. So with a little food, drink and lots of laughs we made some beautiful wearable fashion accessories.
Big fashion necklace with linked bold purple and pink flower buttonsUpdated Blue Diva Necklace shown above has plunging double layers of eye catching green and blue buttons that brings a bold edge to your style. Cool fashion buttons and flower buttons hang pendant style on long silver loops and adds interest to any ensemble, so impress everyone with your new original look.
Bold button necklace has big teal buttons with black donut beads and small green and teal beadsCute Big Flower Necklace shown on the left has big purple and pink flower buttons connected in a unique jewelry design that gives your style an adorable bold look. This fun fashion accessory is perfect for bringing an outfit together.
Candy Swirl Fashion Necklace shown on the left makes a statement with big buttons combined with donut beads and cute square accent beads. I design fashion jewelry for a big personalities, so your individual style is brought out with this original fun fashion necklace in teal and black with green and teal accents.

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