Creating Colorful Jewelry Designs

I enjoy making original jewelry pieces. The creative process of designing colorful earrings, chunky bracelets and bold necklaces brings me to life and makes me feel happy. I usually create jewelry using bright bead colors, big flowers buttons and silver charms. I can be fearless with bold colors and interesting shapes, it’s only neutral tones that confound me.
I love making jewelry using themes like handmade jewelry in a retro or vintage style with cute pink or red flower buttons. Colors can portray a theme too, like mermaid tones that sparkling with blue and green beads, then there are heart, flower and butterfly charms that give a sweet romantic feel.

I like the splashes of colors that bold jewelry and fashion accessories provide. It’s freeing to have a fun style that is not just following some fashion trend. So stand out and forget trying so hard to fit in. I wear fun earrings, beaded charm bracelets and bold necklaces with colorful glass beads, semi precious gems, silver charms and pretty buttons that shine bright every time.

Glam Flower Earrings shown above have red and pink beads hanging from glamorous flower buttons. These bold, fun earring details make your fashion style shine. Great wedding or special occasion earrings. A must have accessory for a gorgeous in demand fashion diva.

These Big Button Fashion Earrings shown above have large teal and bright green buttons hang from trendy teal buttons. Big lightweight drop dangle earrings make it simple to add flare to all your outfits with colorful fun details. Handmade earrings are a must have fashion accessory for trend making fashion stars.
Unique Button Girl Earrings are a cute fashion accessory for girls and women. These flattering drop dangle earrings pair colorful fun pink and peach button shapes together and only the most adorable buttons are used. Sassy handmade earrings have fashion flare and will be favored by adorable gals everywhere.

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