Handmade Jewelry That Captures Your Attention

Unique handcrafted jewelry is a necessity for me, like breathing. Are you captured by bold colors and the creative spirit in fashion and accessories too. I don’t feel right with bare ears and arms, I need original beaded earrings, big flower charm bracelets and chunky button necklaces to highlight my style. I feel happy and content when adorned with beautiful things.

Necklace has big teal buttons and small accent beads floating on silver loopsBe brave with your fashion choices and then brighten up your wardrobe with colorful fun jewelry designs. When you buy jewelry, shop for unusual jewelry pieces that capture your attention and draw you in. The best earrings, bracelets and necklaces for you will have that undeniable feeling of bringing everything together and your eyes will always gravitate towards it. Original handmade jewelry styles make a powerful statement and can create an instant fashion makeover.

Fun Big Button Necklace shown above makes a statement and is designed for daring women on the go. Your individual style is brought out with big buttons and cute floating accent beads. Shiny beads move freely on big silver loops that connect big buttons in unique design.

Long drop dangle earrings made with colorful buttons, beads and silver charmsDrop Dead Fashion Earrings shown on the right are made with cool green beads and bright green fashion buttons. I carefully select button shapes and bead colors to create unique earrings no one else has. So have fun dressing up with these long stunning drop dangle earrings, because you’ll look gorgeous.

Handmade Cheeky Charm Earrings shown on the far right have shiny sunflower charms hanging from pretty pink and striking red fashion buttons. If you think people don’t notice you, wear these cool two button silver pewter charm earrings and get fabulous compliments. Long dangle earrings come in many fashionable color combinations with cute silver charms.

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