Finding Time To Make Jewelry

Cute bracelet has ladybugs and bold red buttons linked together with silver loopsI make jewelry design a priority and never let too much time pass between jewelry making sessions in my studio. Because the worst is not having any new colorful earrings, chunky bracelets and fun necklaces to show when people ask what new designs I’m working on.

Flattering drop dangle earrings have 3 buttons linked in long strand with silver loopsI like being spontaneous and make my handmade original jewelry whenever the mood strikes. I have many other things to do, like running my business, but I always have time to create long drop earrings, cute bracelets and unique necklaces from my buttons, beads and charms. Other things can wait a day or two and my world doesn’t end!
Because I honor my creative spirit, ideas come quickly to me and I don’t spend hours looking off into space. My mind is prepared to go to that creative place and I sit down and start making my handmade jewelry right away. I focus on the beads and buttons in front of me and amazing design styles reveal themselves with ease. 

Drop dangle earrings have 3 buttons and 3 beads linked in long strandUnique Red Rhapsody Bracelet shown above links fun ladybug buttons to pretty fashion buttons. Accessorize with this vintage style bracelet and look divine. Fun yet elegant fashion accessory is perfect for parties. Favored by fashionistas everywhere, this trendy bracelet’s cute fashion forward style is sure to attract admirers. 

Long Fab Party Earrings shown above on the right use fun shapes in unique 3 button design. Here colorful square buttons alternate with bright fashion buttons to make daring dangles. Buttons handpicked for shape and accent details are connected with silver loops in long strands to create enticing flirty earrings. So get out there and go dancing in these edgy cool drop dangle earrings.

Cute Bead Chic Earrings shown on the right combine fabulous buttons with sparkling beads in unusual design. With these long earrings flattering your features you never looked better. Dramatic earrings link interesting button shapes to shiny beads in long colorful strands. Show you’re a rare style maven with this pair of handmade earrings. Lightweight earrings make your fashion style shine.

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