Display Your Fashion Jewelry so You Remember to Wear it

Jewelry trees are very pretty when you hang all your favorite earrings, bracelets and necklaces from them, but your jewelry can become tarnished over time. I suggest using a jewelry box instead and then use anti-tarnish tabs or a piece of chalk if you think your room is humid.

What should you look for in a jewelry box? Think of your handmade jewelry as one-of-a-kind art you want to see and wear. A wooden case with glass doors placed on top of your dresser is perfect. Another option is several nice see-through glass or crystal containers with lids to hold all your charm bracelets, colorful necklaces and fun earrings.
You’ll need easy access to your jewelry too. Don't put several vases in front of your jewelry box or jewelry containers thinking it looks pretty. You always have to be able to open the doors, or lift the lid and grab the earrings or bracelet you want quickly, because you bought your beautiful handmade jewelry so you would wear it.

Shown on the right are two Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelets that have a striking vintage look, perfect for fashion stars making a dramatic entrance. These bracelets bring glamour back to special occasions with an elegant and dramatic look reminiscent of old Hollywood.

The bracelet on the left has a sophisticated bead and button bracelet design with pink flower and silver heart buttons combined with pink crackle glass beads. The bracelet on the right is a one-of-a-kind bracelet with green fire polished czech beads and ornate gold buttons.

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