Trendy Handmade Fashion Jewelry Showcase

Plunging Necklace has Double Layers of Teal and Purple Fashion Buttons Hanging from Strands of Silver ChainI love fashion, especially accessories. I’m passionate about showing personality with my original jewelry designs, I want to be a style trendsetter. Can you say fashion diva?

This blog is a great way to have a mini showcase every week of what I’m thinking or creating in my studio. I’m documenting my celebration of life through jewelry with bold colors, dramatic shapes and twinkling accents. So come join the party.

Charm Bracelet has Clusters of Beads and Buttons in Sunshine Yellow with Silver Pewter CharmsMy blog is for fun women on a fashion accessory adventure, women who are always on the lookout for fresh new original jewelry styles. You’ve realized like me that jewelry is the ultimate tool in bringing a look together.  Join me if you want to express yourself in dynamic creative ways. I am rediscovering my sparkling flirty fashion sense with jewelry, because it’s so much more fun to stand out.

Dramatic Purple Diva Necklace shown above has plunging double layers of eye catching teal and purple fashion buttons hanging from two strands of silver chain. Big bold buttons are handpicked and long silver loops link the fabulous buttons in pendant style drop. This fashion accessory adds fun to any fashion ensemble.

Original Lucky Charm Bracelet shown on the right has clusters of colorful beads and fun buttons in shades of orange, peach and yellow mingled with silver charms. This cute handmade jewelry design has everything to make your style charming.
More than a charm bracelet, this accessory stands out with repeating patterns of beads, handpicked buttons and loads of charms.

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