Making Unique Jewelry You’ll Want to Wear

I design jewelry based on my fashion style and hope other women and style divas like my fun accessory creations too. I don’t follow fashion trends I have my own style, so I started making my own handmade jewelry to get the bold designs I imagine in my mind but can never buy in the stores.

For my style I go for details like colorful fashion buttons, 2-tone beads with shimmery textures and big silver charms. When making my earrings, bracelets and necklaces I love the magic that happens when combining these fun elements together, like flowers buttons with shiny beads, or pretty butterflies charms layered over big buttons for cute drop earring designs or fresh new charm bracelet styles.

I freely use beads and buttons in striking red, pretty pink, vibrant purple, lush green and bright blue. I also look for interesting bead and button shapes that can be incorporated into a design and I will mix many elements together for a chunk bracelet or statement necklace that is bold, bright and fun.

I gravitate towards fun original handmade jewelry, because the cute bold designs make me smile and then I react more positively to what’s going on around me... even if it’s raining. It’s positive reinforcement through jewelry.

Check out my friend Isotta’s fabulous fashion blog called Red Velvet, she just wrote about my jewelry designs!

Enchanted Destiny Bracelet shown at the top has deep purple flower buttons connected in a unique half twist jewelry design. Shiny purple accent beads seem to float above the buttons on silver connecting loops. It’s your destiny to own this pretty accessory. The combination of small shimmery beads and colorful fashion buttons make this bracelet a fun favorite.
Unique Button Girl Earrings shown above are a cute fashion accessory for girls and women. These flattering drop dangle earrings pair colorful fun button shapes together and only the most adorable buttons are used. Sassy handmade earrings have fashion flare and will be favored by adorable gals everywhere.

This refined Sweetheart Necklace on the left is made with faceted beads in pretty pink with rectangular champagne glass foil beads. Original necklace has flattering draped design that will compliment any outfit and fashion style and works for all occasions, even as a chic bridal party necklace.

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  1. My boss (who I am now good friends with) recently told me that she hired me (in part) because she liked the earrings I wore to the interview. lol