A Handmade Jewelry Valentine

With colorful jewelry, pretty flowers and sweet chocolate to choose from for Valentine’s, I’ll take jewelry thank you very much. Flowers are lovely, but don’t last and chocolate makes me gain weight. Jewelry is a symbol of love that lasts forever.

Long drop dangle earrings have buttons hanging from Sesame Jasper stonesDo you want love that lasts? From jewelry we can learn something about how to make a relationship last. If a handmade charm bracelet, or a pair of long dangle earrings are made with care and creative inspiration they are strong in form and design and can last longer than many relationships. But why?

The jewelry designer’s thoughtfulness in selecting the right beads, buttons and charms that go together in a new fun earring, statement necklace, or chunky bracelet design is the starting point of a magical combination. Not every bead goes with every other bead, but there is a match for all of them somewhere. Then when the jewelry designer joins the selected elements together, they take care to make their jewelry creation strong enough to handle many daily challenges.

Flattering blue dangle earrings have 3 buttons linked in long strand with silver loopsSo when you wear your new uniquely designed jewelry, it makes your outfit look complete. The design is so interesting and innovative that it stays fashionable and not just a passing fling. There is depth there that speaks to you. In years to come you never tire of the beads, semi precious stones, charms and even buttons, because they keep their sparkle with just a little bit of loving attention.

The Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown at the top are made with large green faceted beads and bright green fashion buttons. I carefully select button shapes and bead colors to create unique earrings no one else has. Have fun dressing up with cute jewelry that is available in many feature flattering colors with pretty bead and button details. You’ll look gorgeous wearing these stunning earrings.

Long dangling earrings have fashion buttons and small beads hanging from large czech beadsFab Party Earrings shown above on the right are cute long drop dangles that use quirky button shapes in a unique three button design. Colorful flower buttons alternate with bright fashion buttons in daring dancing dangles. All buttons are linked in long strands with silver loops to create enticing flirty earrings. So get yourself out there and go dancing in vivid Fab Party Earrings.

Princess Earrings shown on the right are romantic bead drops featuring small accent beads and bright fashion buttons hanging from a larger bead. These long dangles are sophisticated with opulent smoky turquoise fire polished czech beads and green fashion buttons mingling together with smaller bright green beads. Put these flattering darlings on and transform yourself into a princess.

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