Fun Jewelry Designs - Bring Out Your Original Fashion Style with Flower Button Bracelets and Charm Necklaces

Charm necklace has purple beads and buttons with silver butterfly charmsUnique jewelry designs with flowers and bold colors are a favorite way to style myself. Flowers and bold colors show up in all my clothing and accessory choices. Recurring themes in your jewelry can give cohesion to your unique and daring fashion sense. It’s even more fun for me, because I design my own big drop earrings, beaded bracelets and statement necklaces. With so many different flower buttons and colorful beads the jewelry designs I create are never alike. People know me as the jewelry designer who likes bold colors and flower buttons. 
You can start collecting long earrings, charm bracelets and chunky necklaces in your favorite themes, styles and colors too. People can easily buy gifts for you when they know what you like and what sets you apart from everyone else. My niece loves dogs and has many t-shirts with dogs on them, so I made her charm earrings with little dog charms on them for her birthday. My sister loves green, she wears green all the time and it really looks great on her, so ofcourse I made her a pair of long green drop dangle earrings.
Glamorous bracelet has silver and red flower buttons and fire polished glass beadsOriginal Beaded Lucky Charm Necklace shown above has beautiful butterfly and leaf charms mixed with fuchsia bicone crackle beads and purple fire polished czech beads, then I added blue and purple fashion buttons to complete the look. Handmade jewelry has everything to make your style charming.

Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelet shown on the right has a glamorous vintage look perfect for fashion stars making a dramatic entrance. One of a kind handmade jewelry mixes colorful fire polished czech beads and silver and red flower buttons for a glamorous elegant and dramatic look reminiscent of old Hollywood. 

How Handmade Jewelry Brings Mismatched Fashion Styles Together In A Fun Way

Charm earrings have silver sunflower charms hanging from layered red and pink buttonsUnique jewelry comes to your rescue with boldly colored beads, cute buttons and silver charms. Do you love something in your closet and you want to wear it with another fun item, the problem is they just don’t go together? The two offending clothing pieces are mismatched with different patterns, think stripes and paisley. So throw on a bright bracelet designed with colors that compliment both pieces of clothing and bring your style together.

Long strand earrings have small beads encircled in silver rings as a focal point between pretty buttonsWhen looking for an excuse to wear my handmade jewelry I like to wear clothing where things don’t match, it creates tension and interest. Then if the chunky statement necklace or big drop dangle earrings I also wear has the right mix of colors and goes with each piece of clothing, it can bring the whole ensemble together. I love doing this, because I see too many people wearing bland neutral colors. So have fun with your fashion style.
These handmade Cheeky Charm Earrings shown above have shiny sunflower charms hanging from pretty pink and striking red fashion buttons. If you think people don’t notice you, wear these fun two button silver pewter charm earrings and get fabulous compliments. Long cute earrings come in many fashionable color combinations with pretty silver charms.

This pair of Fashion Star Earrings shown on the right has a faceted deep blue bead floating inside a silver ring beautifully accented by a sky blue button above and a light purple button hanging below. Buttons attached on each side of ring make glamorous super long dangles. These trendy handmade earrings were created for fashion stars everywhere.

Find Vintage Style Jewelry Made With Flower Buttons

Princess Necklace has layers of plunging pink buttons, each button hangs from silver loopsSearching for handmade jewelry designs that give you that vintage look? Find cute antiqued gold earrings, rose colored bracelets and romantic pretty flower necklaces in my flirty jewelry line. What's not to love about vintage fashion accessories, the elaborate designs and shapes are enticing.
To design fun vintage and retro style jewelry I use glass beads, semi precious stones, and also fashion buttons. I can create original designs when adding retro looking and antiqued buttons with beads. I look for unique geometric shapes and bold colors in the buttons I use to provoke a daring adventurous fashion style.
Flower earrings have antiqued gold buttons, with yellow and orange fire polished czech beadsNeed a reason to try vintage or retro style jewelry? Pretty vintage style drop dangles, a chunky retro bracelet, or nostalgic statement necklace can be worn with any outfit to give a softer more feminine feel. Ideal for date night, a special evening out and weddings.
Beautiful handmade Princess Necklace shown at the top casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant double strands of silver oval chain. Regal multi strand necklace uses colorful handpicked fashion buttons with interesting shapes and detail. Unusual jewelry design is perfect for weddings, parties and romantic evenings.
Vintage style bracelet has big buttons and pretty pink glass beads
Glam Flower Earrings shown above have yellow and orange fire polished czech beads hanging from glamorous gold flower buttons. These bold, fun earring details make your fashion style shine. Great wedding or special occasion earrings. A must have accessory for a gorgeous in demand fashion diva.
Vintage Style Glam Bracelet on the right has clusters of shiny rose colored beads and glamorous vintage style buttons combined in a smoldering retro hollywood design. Original jewelry for a unique woman. Bring fabulous back with chunky chic fashion jewelry and be prepared for an influx of admirers.