Bold Fun Jewelry as a Fashion Focal Point

Original handmade jewelry keeps the focus on you. Show fashion style with bold necklaces, cute bracelets and highlight your features with colorful fun earrings. Use clothing as your starting point and wear unique jewelry pieces to complete the look. When colorful beads, trendy fashion buttons and big bold charms stand out in a striking way they create lingering interest.
You need a fun fashion focal point so the eye has something to center on instead of going everywhere and then away from you with no interest. It’s interesting yet comfortable for the viewer to know where to look. People will be transfixed and at ease when your outfit looks complete with jewelry.
The great news is jewelry can draw attention to you, but away from areas you feel self conscious about. Bring attention to your neckline with a colorful necklace, emphasis your pretty hands with a cute bracelet then highlight your features with fun drop earrings. The focus is on you, yet areas you have issues with are less noticeable leaving you free to be confidently beautiful.
Handmade Big Button Bracelet shown above makes a statement with big buttons and cute floating accent beads. Fashion jewelry designed for a big personality. Your individual style is brought out with this original fun fashion bracelet by combining bright green and teal buttons with green accent beads.

This Big Bling Bracelet shown on the right has round buttons with patterns and shimmery textures. The beads vary in size and shape complimenting the buttons in shades of red and dark red. The loops connecting the big buttons make this bracelet shine brighter in motion. Fashionistas love this unique colorful bracelet, because you’re bold and your style is meant to be noticed.  

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