Jewelry Making is Fun and Creative When I'm Organized

Colorful buttons used to make handmade barrings, bracelets and necklacesFor original jewelry making I buy colorful beads, buttons and charms. Finding pretty and unique beads, buttons, charms, chain and findings for my handmade jewelry designs takes time, but I love getting new jewelry supplies for my drop earring, charm bracelet and chunky necklace designs.

Part of the enjoyment of creating earrings, bracelets and necklaces is receiving new bead and button choices for inspiration. The textures and variations in color of my new jewelry components are an expanded pallet of choice.
Glamorous bracelet has silver heart buttons and clusters of shiny pink beadsI place all new beads and buttons in containers with other beads and buttons of similar colors and sizes. Being organized doesn’t hold me back in jewelry design, it helps me be creative when I know where everything is and can get it at a moments notice without breaking the momentum. If you know what you have available, it opens up the creative process and you can tick off all the options in your mind. When I’m messy I feel out of sorts and weighed down.

It’s also good to be organized in my jewelry studio so I can put everything away fast and start with a clean slate the next day. It helps the creative process if I don’t have my jewelry lying about all the time when I’m not working on it, that’s not a real break.

Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelet shown above is a sophisticated bead and button bracelet that brings glamour back to special occasions like weddings, christmas parties, gala events and chic soirees. This Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelets is designed with ornate silver heart buttons and pretty pink flower buttons with purple crackle beads. 

Wear Fun Jewelry Styles to Fix Fashion Mistakes

Double strand necklace has purple and blue buttons linked with silver chain loops and ringsI use unique jewelry designs everyday to sidestep fashion misadventures. I have handmade original jewelry on hand as a quick fix to bring a problem outfit together. With long drop dangle earrings, chunky beaded bracelets, fun bold pendant style necklaces and the experience I’ve gathered over the years I feel I can take on the world.
I’ve made some big fashion mistakes. While finding solutions to my fashion blunders I realized I don’t mind inspiring someone else to laugh or atleast smile, but now I try to inspire humour by putting my fashion ensembles together with colorful accessories in a fun purposeful way.
Fun edgy drop dangle earrings have big yellow buttons hanging from smaller teal buttons
Did you ever:
  1. Wear colours or patterns that didn’t really go together, but you really wanted them to? This is a fun fix, wear a beaded charm bracelet that brings it all together.
  2. Feel unsure that you're dressed for the occasion? Have a back up plan, carry an extra pair of shimmery long drop dangles with you for special occasions.
  3. Not have time to change between work and your hot date? Accessorize with a statement necklace. The necklace will help switch your state of mind from work to play and revives you inside out.
  4. Wear something that someone else is wearing too! This could be a nightmare, but by adding jewelry and edgy nail polish that you carry in your purse, you can make a statement. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your fashion twin, obviously they have great taste and could be a lifelong friend.
  5. Feel the weather is cramping your style, because you have to cover up? Go with a chunky style necklace and big earrings and you’ll still stand out with style.
Drop dangle earrings have silver butterfly charms layered over big green buttonsOriginal Purple Glam Necklace shown top left enhances your neckline with eye popping purple and plum buttons in dramatic layered design. This jewelry has bold feminine style and fashion flare. So dare to be different with a creative chic necklace that delights. This pretty fashion accessory is great for fancy soirees and going out with friends.
Big Button Fashion Earrings shown above have large yellow buttons hang from smaller trendy teal buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it simple to add flare to all your outfits. Handmade long colorful earrings are a must have fashion accessory for trendsetting fashion stars.
Flirty Charm Earrings shown above on the left have silver pewter butterfly charms hanging over fashion buttons in a unique earring design. Big drop dangles bring out your fun style. Details of the charms are boldly highlighted in front of colorful green buttons. You’ll look fashionably cool in these surprisingly lightweight Flirty Charm Earrings. 

Bold Fun Jewelry as a Fashion Focal Point

Original handmade jewelry keeps the focus on you. Show fashion style with bold necklaces, cute bracelets and highlight your features with colorful fun earrings. Use clothing as your starting point and wear unique jewelry pieces to complete the look. When colorful beads, trendy fashion buttons and big bold charms stand out in a striking way they create lingering interest.
You need a fun fashion focal point so the eye has something to center on instead of going everywhere and then away from you with no interest. It’s interesting yet comfortable for the viewer to know where to look. People will be transfixed and at ease when your outfit looks complete with jewelry.
The great news is jewelry can draw attention to you, but away from areas you feel self conscious about. Bring attention to your neckline with a colorful necklace, emphasis your pretty hands with a cute bracelet then highlight your features with fun drop earrings. The focus is on you, yet areas you have issues with are less noticeable leaving you free to be confidently beautiful.
Handmade Big Button Bracelet shown above makes a statement with big buttons and cute floating accent beads. Fashion jewelry designed for a big personality. Your individual style is brought out with this original fun fashion bracelet by combining bright green and teal buttons with green accent beads.

This Big Bling Bracelet shown on the right has round buttons with patterns and shimmery textures. The beads vary in size and shape complimenting the buttons in shades of red and dark red. The loops connecting the big buttons make this bracelet shine brighter in motion. Fashionistas love this unique colorful bracelet, because you’re bold and your style is meant to be noticed.