Bold Colorful Jewelry Keeps You Young and Fun

You can tell how someone is doing sometimes just by what they are wearing. Do you dress bright and fun, or somber and dark? You can change how you feel just by how you put your outfits together and how you accessorize. Your jewelry can fill in with bold fun color and unique style where your clothes might be lacking. So why not accessorize to make yourself happy and bring more color into your life. 
Necklace has big teal buttons and small accent beads connected with silver loopsWear fun earrings, colorful bracelets and bold necklaces anytime you feel down. Colored glass beads, semi precious gems, big silver charms and pretty textured fashion buttons will shine bright, highlighting your eye color and bringing your whole face alive. If you dress and accessorize to feel good and start to feel that way, opportunities will come your way.
There is a benefit to keeping yourself and others around you in a good mood with jewelry. If you’re happy you stay healthier. Also people will feel more comfortable around you and be more likely to talk to you if you look like you’re friendly and open to them approaching you.
Necklace has layers of pink buttons hanging pendant style from silver chainHandmade Big Button Necklace shown above is designed for daring women. Colorful cool jewelry takes your bold style to the next level, so brighten up with this fun fashion accessory and bring extra dimension to your wardrobe. Shiny beads move freely on big silver loops that connect big teal buttons in unique design.

Pink Diva Necklace shown on the right has plunging double layers of eye catching buttons in shades of divine light and dark pink. Fun buttons are handpicked and long silver loops link detailed buttons in pendant style drop. This fashion accessory adds fun to any ensemble. 

Unique Handmade Jewelry Makes Shopping Fun

Buying original jewelry designs is about adding to your fashion style with unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces to show you’re smart, bold and intriguing. Handmade designer fashion jewelry adds layers of interest to your style to make you stand out, because it’s not only what you say, but the impression you give that gets you noticed. 
Vintage style gold flower button earrings with red czech beads and river stonesLook for jewelry that has variations in style and color from the jewelry you already have, don’t buy more of the same. We’ve all made that mistake, because we feel secure in buying what we know. The problem is you end up with multiples pairs of earrings, and a tangle of bracelets and necklaces that look the same. Meanwhile you keep wearing only one favorite jewelry piece over and over again. So step off the edge and plunge into the unknown world of artistic original jewelry designs.
Long drop dangle earrings with green oval glass beads and pretty fashion buttonsFind jewelry that is made with unusual beads, cute charms, or pretty accent findings that make it stand out. If each bracelet or necklace you buy is unique from the next in style and color you will be more satisfied with your purchases. Ofcourse they should all look spectacular on you, or put them back. Also make sure your jewelry is unique from any current trend. If it’s something that you will give away next year, because it looks dated then it wasn’t a good buy. If you have a few pieces like that already you can update them with a creative afternoon of do it yourself jewelry redesigning.

Glam Flower Earrings shown above have fire polished czech beads hanging from glamorous gold flower buttons. Bold, fun earring details make your fashion style shine. These make great wedding, christmas or special occasion earrings. A must have accessory for a gorgeous in demand fashion diva.

Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown above are long drop dangle earrings made with small and medium size fashion buttons hanging from glamorous large beads. You’ll look gorgeous wearing stunning unique earrings that no one else has.

Why I Love Original Colorful Jewelry

I love unique handmade jewelry. Big bold earrings that make you smile, cute bracelets that shimmers when you move, or pretty necklaces you can’t stop admiring. Below are many fun reasons to love original colorful jewelry.
  1. Cute flower earrings with red buttons and fire polished czech beadsYou can spend all day looking at the beads and fun charms hanging off your new bracelet. With all sorts of different shapes and textures you can’t stop admiring it.
  2. Friends and coworkers compliment you on how amazing you look when you wear your favorite jewelry. You just shine.
  3. You feel bolder wearing big earrings and a fun statement necklace, it adds to your confidence. You know you can get through anything today.
  4. You just can never have enough sparkling jewelry and it’s so easy to trade accessories with a friend.
  5. Glamorous chunky bracelet has clusters of shiny blue beads and buttonsIt’s great fun to make jewelry too. You can collect pretty beads, puppy charms and ladybug buttons that nobody else has to make something uniquely you.
  6. Fun unusual accessories can make an old outfit seem new again.
  7. Original jewelry highlights who you are, fun, young and on top of your game. No one can forget who you are anymore.
  8. Your one-of-a kind jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive.
  9. Unique bracelets, bold necklaces and fun earrings inspires your creativity when you wear them.
  10. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are great gifts for friends. It’s shiny and bright, and your friends are happy to receive it.
The Glam Flower Earrings shown above are actually lightweight, so no sore ears here. Earrings have shiny red czech beads and swirl glass beads hanging from flower buttons. This bold, fun must have fashion accessory makes your style shine bright. Great wedding, christmas or special occasion earrings.

Necklace has layers of dark pink plunging buttons hanging from silver chain loopsVintage Style Glam Bracelet shown above has clusters of shiny beads and glamorous vintage style buttons in smoldering retro hollywood design. Unique jewelry for a unique woman. Bring fabulous back to your look with chunky chic fashion jewelry and prepare for an influx of admirers.
Beautiful handmade Princess Necklace on the right casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant double strands of silver colored oval chain. Regal multi strand necklace uses colorful handpicked fashion buttons with interesting shapes and detail. Unusual jewelry design is perfect for weddings, parties and romantic evenings.