Original Jewelry Created from Beads, Charms and Buttons

Fun jewelry design elements that spark creativity in me to design my flirty accessory styles are everywhere. So I’ve made a list of all the different types of shiny beads, big buttons and cute charms that inspire me. These elements are my starting points in design and then new fun earrings, bold bracelets and colorful necklaces just start to happen without much effort.    

Charm necklace has clusters of beads and buttons in green and teal with silver charmsWhen designing jewelry I just love:
  1. silver and gold buttons
  2. pretty flower buttons linked in a row
  3. butterflies charms, ladybug charms and dragonfly charms
  4. heart shaped buttons and heart shaped beads
  5. trying new button and bead color combinations together
  6. adding unusual button shapes and textures
  7. shiny beads, faceted beads and
    2 toned beads
  8. layering charms over buttons
  9. small shiny accent beads
  10. oval and triangle jump rings to link fun buttons to other fun buttons and chain
If the jewelry design I'm working on doesn’t fall into place easily even with these inspirational tips, I put it aside for awhile and that usually does the trick. See my previous blog posts on the creative process called Making Jewelry is Easy and Fun.

Glamorous bracelet has striking silver and red flower buttons with clusters of shiny beads
Beaded Lucky Charm Necklace shown above has cute ladybug and dragonfly charms mingled between green and teal fire polished czech beads, then I added bright fun fashion buttons to complete the look. Handmade charm necklace has everything to make your style charming.
Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelet on the left is a sophisticated bracelet that brings glamour back to special occasions like weddings, christmas parties, gala events and chic soirees. This bracelets is designed with ornate silver buttons, pretty red flower buttons and red fire polished czech beads.

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