My Jewelry Studio Expansion

Antique buttons used to make handmade earrings, bracelets and necklaces in the Flirty Fashion Jewelry StudioIn my growing jewelry design studio I collect and combine a wide variety of beads, buttons and charms. For my unique jewelry line I use semi-precious gemstones, fire polished czech beads, antique buttons, bright fashion buttons and anything interesting I can find. I’m always searching for bold shapes and eye catching colourful patterns to inspire me.

When I’m ready to create jewelry in my studio I make sure I have plenty of light and all my fun shiny buttons, beads and charms within easy reach. Then there are all my tools to bring out, I have so many different types of tools, that so far I don’t even use half of them.

I’m a full-time artist, turning what I love into a business. I love getting bright new beads and buttons in my studio, the textures and variations in colour give me a beautiful bold pallet of choice. I buy my beads and buttons on-line and in local stores, but I also collect them from pre-loved clothing and jewelry. And then there are relatives from far away places who send me interesting shiny trinkets and gems from where they are too.

Recently I’ve found I had no more room in my studio for all my wonderful beads, button and charms, so I’ve expanded. Now the rest of my home is literally a treasure trove of colourful semi-precious gemstones, fire polished czech beads and shiny antique buttons too. As I reorganize I see each day as an inspired adventure. It keeps Flirty Fashion Jewelry looking fresh, glamorous and original.

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