Jewelry Design Made Fun and Easy, Part 2

Leaving unfinished jewelry design projects for another day doesn’t annoy me anymore, now it’s a creative tool I use. Fun time away from my new earring, bracelet and necklace designs lets my unconscious mind take over the creative process. Then when I’m ready to get back to my handmade jewelry creations I am bubbling over with new ideas and fun solutions.

Necklace has emerald green czech beads and bigger turquoise beads encircled in silver ringsAlso with many cute jewelry creations on the go I can pick the earring, bracelet, or necklace designs I want to work on first, if one drop dangle earring style doesn’t inspire me the next earring design will. I never approached making jewelry this way before, but it feels great not to force the creative process. Now I can leave a colorful beaded bracelet half finished and the next time I look at it, the bracelet will just need a small design adjustment.
Bracelet has bright purple flower buttons with small light purple accent beads in twist designIn the past I would never leave a new jewelry style half finished, but I learned my approach was not conducive to great design. Now I’m constantly in the process of starting new earring designs while finishing other colorful bracelet creations, or fun necklace styles. Since I am not fighting the creative process many fresh jewelry design ideas start filling my head and I must hurry to make them a reality.
If you liked reading about taking design breaks and having many jewelry design projects on the go, then check out my past blog on creative differences titled Making Jewelry With My Nieces.

Chic Sweetheart Necklace shown above is made with gold flecked turquoise beads and faceted emerald green czech beads. Beads alternate in size inside silver rings adding dimension and drama, so original necklace has flattering draping design.
Beautiful Destiny Bracelet shown above has deep purple flower buttons connected in a unique half twist design. Shiny accent beads seem to float above the buttons on silver connecting loops adding dimension. This Destiny Bracelet is enchanting with its delicate yet well made style.

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