Jewelry Design Made Fun and Easy, Part 1

Charm bracelet has clusters of beads and buttons in sunshine yellow with silver charmsThe prettiest earring, necklace and bracelet designs happen when I’m happy and open to the creative process. Recently I designed a pair of long drop earrings and a charm bracelet that just weren’t going the way I planned. I was stuck, but after a refreshing break, my colourful jewelry designs came together better than I expected.

Long drop earrings have teal fashion buttons and small beads hanging from purple river stonesI see now that it’s important to take creative breaks to have a fresh perspective on my original jewelry designs. So when I create jewelry I enjoy taking small breaks to make lunch, or run errans. For instance when I can’t decide to use more buttons or beads in a new bold earring style, or I can’t decide if I should add another charm on a new fun bracelet, I allow myself to stop for awhile. It hardly seems like a real dilemma, but when I come back to those jewelry projects I feel inspired and can see clearly what to do next.
Beaded Lucky Charm Bracelet shown above has colourful beads, fun buttons and silver pewter charms mingling in a unique design. This cute handmade bracelet has everything to make your style charming. More than a charm bracelet, this accessory stands out with repeating patterns of beads, handpicked buttons and loads of charms. So lead a charmed life and accessorize with this beautiful bracelet.
Romantic drop dangle Princess Earrings shown on the left and right features small accent beads and bright fashion buttons hanging from a larger bead. Look extra special and fashion ready everytime you wear this unique earring design. These romantic drop dangles make stylish wedding, christmas, or any occasion earrings.

Fun Jewelry for Bold Women

Pretty long strand earrings have small beads encircled in silver rings as a focal point between 2 yellow buttonsI love bold jewelry, I wear cute colourful earrings, original bracelets loaded with beads and buttons and plunging necklaces that show off my unique fashion style. Bold accessories suit my personality and I always get great compliments while wearing my fun cool jewelry designs.

I love flower buttons and flower charms on my bracelets, then there are butterfly charms, ladybug charms and big pretty heart buttons for my necklaces. I use clusters of beads and buttons in fun colours for my earrings. I love my growing collection of cute colorful jewelry.

Fashion Star Earrings shown above are long drop dangle earrings with a unique bead in ring design. Silver rings spotlight beads hanging between buttons in this cool accessory. These handmade earrings were created for fashion stars.
Handmade long dangle Cheeky Charm Earrings shown below on the left have silver charms hanging from cute buttons. If you think people don’t notice you, wear these fun button and silver pewter charm earrings and get fabulous compliments.
Flower charm fun earrings have silver sunflower charms hanging from layered red and pink buttonsLong drop dangle earrings have layered green buttons hanging from big oval glass beadsLong Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown on the right are made with small and medium size buttons hanging from a glamorous large bead. I carefully select the buttons and beads for these earrings. You’ll look gorgeous wearing stunning chic earrings that no one else has.
Do you wear fun jewelry styles too?

Unique Jewelry Designs with Buttons

Big Button Bracelet is the first bracelet I showed my sister when I started mixing colourful buttons and beads together in my original jewelry designs. The buttons add unusual textures, shapes and layering to my handmade jewelry for more fun, bold and even glamorous designs. I don’t limit my creativity anymore. Now my favorite items to add to earrings, bracelets and necklaces are vintage buttons, bold fashion buttons, shiny 2-toned beads and big silver charms.

Bold button bracelet has big green buttons accented with small shiny beads linked together with silver loopsMy original jewelry designs have beads, charms and unusual elements like buttons incorporated into the design, because I love telling a story with my earrings, bracelets and necklaces. For instance a big bold button bracelet can describe a woman as fun and free spirited, or a necklace with double rows of plunging buttons can highlight her sophistication and glamour.

Chic double strand necklace has purple and blue buttons linked with silver chain loops and ringsWhat could you use to make your jewelry special? Trinkets or mementos from a trip can be made into charms and bring meaning to the jewelry you wear everyday. Any small item that you can attach a chain link to can be added to your jewelry, that’s why buttons are a perfect jewelry add on.

This handmade Big Button Bracelet shown above is designed for fun women. Small shiny beads move freely over silver loops that connect big buttons together. Your original style is brought out in unique design of bold buttons and cute floating accent beads in green.

Original Purple Glam Necklace shown on the left features eye popping buttons in dramatic layered design with interesting shapes and details. Be different with creative button jewelry. Fun pretty fashion necklace with purple and plum buttons is great for a fancy soiree.