Selling Jewelry is Easy with Sisters

Striking drop dangle earrings have red sunflower buttons hanging from small darker red buttonsI love wearing my handmade jewelry out. Whenever I step out of my house, it’s a chance to show off my newest trendy bracelets, colourful earrings and flirty fun necklaces. I get great compliments and feedback on my original designs.
I make new jewelry designs every few weeks. Then when I meet a sister or a friend at a coffee shop, I bring my new earring, bracelet and necklace designs along. Often friendly strangers will come up and want to see my bold bead and button jewelry too. I ask them what colours and styles they like best and if they want to try something on!
Drop dangle earrings have big bright blue fashion buttons hanging from small dark blue buttonsMy sisters are also great supporters of my unique jewelry and will wear my jewelry designs whenever they can. I sold 15 pairs of earrings to a neighbour after one sister wore my earrings at a street sale. Another sister showed a pair of earrings I made for our niece to co-workers and her co-workers bought some of my jewelry too.
Last week I had a green pair of Big Button Fashion Earrings in my jewelry post,
Jewelry Gifts for Cool Sisters and Bestfriends. This week I have 2 more pairs to show. These earrings have big buttons hanging from fun small buttons in unique design. Colourful cute details make these earrings fabulous for all daring women.

Do you make wearable crafts? Wear it whenever you can and ask your friends and family to do the same. Their excitement and support for you can be contagious.

Jewelry Gifts for Cool Sisters and Bestfriends

Necklace has layers of plunging pink buttons, each hanging from long silver loopsWhen jewelry shopping for your super bestfriend or cool sister, the gifts to look for are handmade and one of a kind accessories they can’t find anywhere else. Buy that long dazzling pair of earrings, the cute charm bracelet, or the glamorous necklace you know will look great on them, but they won’t buy for themselves.
You can find fun chic handmade jewelry designed by talented artists at reasonable prices. If you see a beaded bracelet created with all the colours your bestfriend loves, or a long pair of earrings made just like your quirky sister would wear, be spontaneous and buy them.

Glamorous bracelet has striking gold and black buttons with clusters of shiny beadsJewelry can be a fun pick me up and a bestfriend, or sister will always appreciate your thoughtful gift and someday return the favour. Friends and sisters are with us through all of life’s ups and downs, so don’t wait for a special occasion like birthdays or christmas to surprise them with a fabulous bracelet or elegant necklace.

Beautiful handmade Princess Necklace shown above casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant double strands of oval silver chain. Unusual jewelry design is perfect for weddings, parties and romantic evenings.
Drop dangle earrings have big bright chartreuse fashion buttons hanging from smaller kelly green buttonsThis Hollywood Glam Bracelet shown above is designed with ornate gold and black buttons with faceted czech beads in striking shades of green, blue and teal. Bracelet has glamorous vintage look perfect for fashion divas making a dramatic entrance.
Big Button Fashion Earrings shown on the left have big buttons hanging from fun small buttons in unique design. Colourful cute details make these earrings fabulous for all daring women and are a must have fashion accessory for trendsetting fashion stars.

Read Making Jewelry for Family and Friends Turns Addictive, if you would like to take the next step and make jewelry for the people you love.

Fun Jewelry Styles Inspire Happy Attitude

Vintage style gold flower button earrings with red czech beads and semi-precious stonesWith fun jewelry your style can have humour and still be fashionable. If you’ve taken your style too seriously in the past, try fun accessories for a change and fashion will be your happy friend for life. Experiment with wearing cheeky fun earrings, bold charm bracelets and big colourful necklaces and give yourself and everyone around you a cheerful lift.
People communicate many things without words so you can use your new fun with jewelry attitude to make yourself more memorable and approachable. Now when you walk into a room wearing your fun fashionable jewelry, people will notice you and your friends will be crazy for your cute earrings, your charming bracelet, or that bold necklace you wear so brilliantly.
Lucky charm earrings have silver starfish charms hanging from layered purple buttonsWhen I make my original jewelry designs I think who doesn’t like oversized ladybugs on a bracelet, big seashells on a necklace and little dog charms on earrings. How about a bracelet made with yellow hearts, or a necklace with cute flower buttons in shades of purple and lavender.

Butterfly charm earrings have silver lucky charms hanging from layered orange buttonsSo when I realized that these Glam Flower Earrings shown above were starting to look like flowers and leaves sprouting from a pot I knew I was on to something. I wasn’t necessarily trying to make flower earrings, but I love it when inspiration leads you down a whismical path. These earrings look vintage with several czech beads hanging from glamorous buttons. Great wedding, christmas or special occasion earrings.
These Cheeky Charm Earrings shown on the right really stand out, because I use big charms, if they were smaller it would seem delicate, but these oversized charms says, "Notice me and smile!" Being subtle was never my style. So get fabulous compliments wearing these cute double button and silver charm earrings. I make these earrings with pretty butterfly, star, flower, fish and leaf charms.

What does your jewelry say about you?