My Favorite Jewelry Designs

I love full charm bracelets, plunging double strand necklaces and lots of beads and buttons on my long dangling earrings. I love jewelry in bold colours with varying shapes and sizes of beads, buttons and charms mingled together.
Cute purple daisy bracelet has light purple flowers and dark purple buttons linked together with silver loopsThe jewelry I wear each day depends on the weather and how I'm feeling. Is it sunny or rainy? Do I need my jewelry to give me a boost, or am I already happy and just want to emphasize how I feel with colourful fun accessories? Cute jewelry is my antidote against grumpiness and rainy weather.
Bracelet has clusters of bright red buttons and beads hanging in pretty charm style designWhen I’m getting dress sometimes I select my jewelry first, because I can’t wait to show off a new bead and button jewelry design. Other times I pick my outfit first and then select a striking necklace, or bracelet with matching earrings to go with it. If the occasion is important, I might pick a sophisticated necklace to wear, or if it’s a fun night out, a playful bracelet will emphasize my personality. Luckily most of the bold, glamorous styles I create are multi-purpose and work for day or night.
The cute Rhapsody Flower Bracelet shown above links big colourful fashion buttons to flower buttons in a unique jewelry design that gives your style an adorable vintage look. This fun yet elegant fashion accessory is perfect for weddings and parties and has an enchanting romantic feel.
Big Bling Bracelet shown on the right uses full clusters of shiny beads and buttons to match your bigger than life personality. This handmade bracelet mingles pretty buttons of varying shapes with clusters of colorful beads. In this style you can find flower buttons, square buttons, round buttons and some buttons even have detailed patterns or shimmery effects. Fashionistas love this bracelet for it’s bold, bright and stylish look.
What favorite accessory brightens your day?

Making Jewelry With My Nieces

Long drop dangle earrings in yellow and orange have layered buttons hanging from large faceted beatMaking jewelry with my nieces is where I learned creative differences are wonderful. We have fun making beaded earrings, charm bracelets, and pendant necklaces. We use alot of cute charms, a crazy amount of beads, big buttons and anything else we can find. It’s a fun after school or summer break activity.
My nieces artistic choices inspire me. I may design a new pair of earrings with a combination of beads and buttons that I think work best and then my nieces take their beads and buttons and combine them differently. I like that, it reminds me that everyone is unique and that there are fun styles for each of us.
Flattering pink drop dangle earrings have 3 detailed buttons linked in long strand with silver loopsSince making jewelry with my nieces, I’m always interested in how people choose the designs they do. Now I show my new earring, necklace and bracelet designs to friends or family for their input. Sometimes everyone likes one style the most, other times they each pick a different jewelry design as their favorite.
Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown above on the left combine beads with hanging layered buttons to flatter your beautiful face. Earrings are made with small and medium size buttons hanging from a glamourous large bead.
Fab Party Earrings shown on the left uses quirky button shapes in unique 3 button design. Flower buttons and cute detailed buttons are linked in long strand with silver loops to create enticing flirty earrings.

Colourful Jewelry Attracts Attention

Beaded necklace has 3 strands of mingling blue and purple beads and buttons in shimmering loose twist styleWhen I’m designing jewelry with my many beads and buttons I can’t imagine a world without colour. Colour is my mood enhancer. If you want to add colour to your life wear jewelry! Colour shows passion, strength, individuality and style.
Colour attracts attention and many times the intensity of colour in a necklace or bracelet just can’t be found in fabric. A bright pair of earrings can accentuate your features like nothing else can, and that splash of colour from your necklace is a focal point even when paired with simple clothing styles and neutral colours.
Plunging necklace has double layers of green fashion buttons hanging pendant style from strands of silver chainIn my studio I have trays and trays of buttons and beads organized by colour. I love all colour combinations and use tone on tone, light with dark, or contrasting colours most in my designs. The choices inspire me to making a pair of earrings more dazzling, a bracelet more enchanting, or a necklace even bolder.

The Mermaid Strand Necklace shown above has alternating beads wth buttons on 3 strands. Contrasting light and dark coloured strands twist in sophisticated style enhancing your features.

The Green Diva Necklace shown on the right has a plunging layered design with buttons linked in pendant style drops from silver loops. So go shine at that cocktail party.
Is colour your mood enhancer too?