Making Jewelry for Family and Friends Turns Addictive

At first I made jewelry as gifts for my friends and family to save money, but now each birthday gives me a chance to try something new and fun. Luckily my sisters, nieces and friends are happy to receive my experiments in original bead and button jewelry.

Edgy drop dangle earrings have striking dark pink buttons layered with bright pink textured buttonsIf you want to make jewelry for friends and family, plan to make more than one of any earring, bracelet or necklace style you create. So if for example you’re making earrings, once you’ve figured out the design of the first pair, the next pair you make will go much faster. There is also a cost savings to making multiples of your jewelry creations. Since beads, charms, clasps, and eye pins are usually sold in packages of 25, 50 or more, you can use up the excess materials just by making more jewelry.
Big drop dangle earrings have silver puppy charms layered on striking blue buttons
Beware jewelry making is addictive. Once you’ve made a few really pretty pairs of earrings, or a small collection Diva worthy necklaces, you just want to make more. But this creative affliction to constantly make more jewelry can be a good thing, especially when one sister wants the bracelet you just gave to another sister. Now here within your own family you’ve found your first customer and all of a sudden you’re a jewelry designer with a small business.
Bold drop dangle earrings have silver butterfly charms layered on big purple buttonsButton Girl Earrings shown at the top right are a cute fashion accessory for girls and women. These flattering drop dangle earrings pair bright and fun button shapes together. These earrings were made for my sister Martina’s birthday. Sassy button details and bold dramatic colors are combined with fashion flare to make these cute dangle earrings perfect for her.
Large Flirty Charm Earrings shown above and to the left, with silver pewter dog charms hanging over big fashion buttons were made for my niece’s birthday. I knew they would be perfect for her, because she loves anything with puppies on it. Also shown above and to the left are the same style of earrings with cute butterflies charms. I keep seeing more charms I just have to have.

What’s your creative obsession?

One Of A Kind Jewelry for Fashion Makeover

Plunging double strand necklace has purple and blue buttons linked with silver chain8EFBAJHA58CR
Can your fashion style stand to be more adventurous? Jewelry can be an important part of any fashion makeover. Set the tone for how you want to be treated with how you dress and accessorize. Great things happen to those who aren’t afraid to be noticed. So dress to get the job you know you already deserve by accessorizing with a glamorous take-charge necklace, then wear fabulous long earrings on your fun night out and gather many admirers.

Green drop dangle earrings have constrasting big bright buttons hanging from smaller dark buttonsIt doesn’t take much to make a positive change, and that’s where jewelry comes in. Show your individuality and creativity by spicing up your style with one of a kind jewelry pieces. Accessorizing with dazzling drop earrings, charming beaded bracelets and dramatic layered necklaces expands your wardrobe and makes it seem like you have an endless amount of clothes in your closet.

Cute charm bracelet has clusters of bright beads and buttons in pink with silver pewter fashion charmsEverybody likes to work with people who are positive and up for any challenge. Wear this fun sophisticated one of a kind Purple Glam Necklace shown above with your business attire and be professional, dynamic and inspiring.

These striking Big Button Earrings shown above on the right will compliment your fun flirty date night dress to give you the confidence to shine and bring your social life to life.
You can’t go wrong wearing this lush Lucky Charm Bracelet with your casual attire, shown here on the right. Being casual and comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look super fantastic too.
Are you afraid to stand out?

Inspiring Jewelry Design

In my jewelry design studio I don’t wait for inspiration to strike before I sit down with all my beads and buttons. Creating is my obsession, so once I get started the ideas don’t stop. I have all my fun charms, long strands of chain, shiny beads and colourful buttons I want to use laid out infront of me and I let my imagination go. Combining beads and buttons to make a bracelet or a pair of earrings is easy when I keep it light and fun, I can go for hours, or days without running out of ideas.
Long dangling earrings in pink have layered fashion buttons and small beads hanging from dark pink river stonesMy inspiration in jewelry design comes from colourful beads, unique button shapes, and the interesting pattern combinations that I can make with all these things combined. Design options start popping into my head even when I am out shopping for my beads, buttons and charms, so sometimes I will make quick sketches of new earring, bracelet, or necklace styles on the spot. I go for bright bold colours and get inspiration from feminine shapes like heart shaped beads, butterflies charms and ladybug buttons.

Pretty bracelet has dramatic green beads encircled in silver rings hanging from single chainI enjoy trying new things in jewelry design to develop my creativity. That’s how these Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown above came about. I made the first pair for my sister's birthday, so I had to think about what she would like. In the end I really wanted to keep them, but fortunately for her I made more. I like the combination of circle and square shaped buttons hanging on triangle links from big round beads.

This Sweetheart Bracelet shown on the right is so simple and yet so striking. I love the hanging beads encircled with silver rings, because when you’re on the go the beads and rings move with you and make fun clinking sounds when they connect. You can see with this design that I love to create with round shapes and this bracelet is all about big and small round beads and silver rings.

What inspires you?