Naming New Jewelry Styles

Necklace has layers of plunging pink buttons, each hanging from long silver loopsNaming new jewelry designs I’ve created is fun. I try to be original and meaningful with the names. I think about the feelings each style of earrings, bracelet, or necklace provokes in me and what kind of woman will wear them. If I can come up with a cheeky cute name for the new design I know it belongs in my jewelry line. It’s the final step in the creative process I enjoy.

Pretty bracelet has bright purple flower buttons with small light purple accent beads in twist designPrincess Necklace - I love this draping layered necklace and I can think of several princesses out there in need of adornment like this. Yes I’m talking to you! This colorful necklace has charming buttons hanging in floating overlapping rows which move when you move. What a flirt!

Destiny Bracelet - When I designed this sparkling bracelet, it immediately seemed magical to me with it’s small shiny beads layered on bright buttons. The bracelet’s beads and buttons are linked together with large silver chain loops in a twist style. This accessory casts a spell and adds an enchanted feeling to any outfit.


  1. Love your jewelry ... so bright and colourful and fun. Have seen so many I like ... and definitely need the destiny bracelet.

  2. I love your jewelry and am looking forward to when you open your site for shopping on Etsy. I'll be able to shop for everyone.