Jewelry Making is Fun and Creative When I'm Organized

Colorful buttons used to make handmade barrings, bracelets and necklacesFor original jewelry making I buy colorful beads, buttons and charms. Finding pretty and unique beads, buttons, charms, chain and findings for my handmade jewelry designs takes time, but I love getting new jewelry supplies for my drop earring, charm bracelet and chunky necklace designs.

Part of the enjoyment of creating earrings, bracelets and necklaces is receiving new bead and button choices for inspiration. The textures and variations in color of my new jewelry components are an expanded pallet of choice.
Glamorous bracelet has silver heart buttons and clusters of shiny pink beadsI place all new beads and buttons in containers with other beads and buttons of similar colors and sizes. Being organized doesn’t hold me back in jewelry design, it helps me be creative when I know where everything is and can get it at a moments notice without breaking the momentum. If you know what you have available, it opens up the creative process and you can tick off all the options in your mind. When I’m messy I feel out of sorts and weighed down.

It’s also good to be organized in my jewelry studio so I can put everything away fast and start with a clean slate the next day. It helps the creative process if I don’t have my jewelry lying about all the time when I’m not working on it, that’s not a real break.

Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelet shown above is a sophisticated bead and button bracelet that brings glamour back to special occasions like weddings, christmas parties, gala events and chic soirees. This Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelets is designed with ornate silver heart buttons and pretty pink flower buttons with purple crackle beads. 

Wear Fun Jewelry Styles to Fix Fashion Mistakes

Double strand necklace has purple and blue buttons linked with silver chain loops and ringsI use unique jewelry designs everyday to sidestep fashion misadventures. I have handmade original jewelry on hand as a quick fix to bring a problem outfit together. With long drop dangle earrings, chunky beaded bracelets, fun bold pendant style necklaces and the experience I’ve gathered over the years I feel I can take on the world.
I’ve made some big fashion mistakes. While finding solutions to my fashion blunders I realized I don’t mind inspiring someone else to laugh or atleast smile, but now I try to inspire humour by putting my fashion ensembles together with colorful accessories in a fun purposeful way.
Fun edgy drop dangle earrings have big yellow buttons hanging from smaller teal buttons
Did you ever:
  1. Wear colours or patterns that didn’t really go together, but you really wanted them to? This is a fun fix, wear a beaded charm bracelet that brings it all together.
  2. Feel unsure that you're dressed for the occasion? Have a back up plan, carry an extra pair of shimmery long drop dangles with you for special occasions.
  3. Not have time to change between work and your hot date? Accessorize with a statement necklace. The necklace will help switch your state of mind from work to play and revives you inside out.
  4. Wear something that someone else is wearing too! This could be a nightmare, but by adding jewelry and edgy nail polish that you carry in your purse, you can make a statement. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your fashion twin, obviously they have great taste and could be a lifelong friend.
  5. Feel the weather is cramping your style, because you have to cover up? Go with a chunky style necklace and big earrings and you’ll still stand out with style.
Drop dangle earrings have silver butterfly charms layered over big green buttonsOriginal Purple Glam Necklace shown top left enhances your neckline with eye popping purple and plum buttons in dramatic layered design. This jewelry has bold feminine style and fashion flare. So dare to be different with a creative chic necklace that delights. This pretty fashion accessory is great for fancy soirees and going out with friends.
Big Button Fashion Earrings shown above have large yellow buttons hang from smaller trendy teal buttons. Big yet lightweight drop dangles make it simple to add flare to all your outfits. Handmade long colorful earrings are a must have fashion accessory for trendsetting fashion stars.
Flirty Charm Earrings shown above on the left have silver pewter butterfly charms hanging over fashion buttons in a unique earring design. Big drop dangles bring out your fun style. Details of the charms are boldly highlighted in front of colorful green buttons. You’ll look fashionably cool in these surprisingly lightweight Flirty Charm Earrings. 

Bold Fun Jewelry as a Fashion Focal Point

Original handmade jewelry keeps the focus on you. Show fashion style with bold necklaces, cute bracelets and highlight your features with colorful fun earrings. Use clothing as your starting point and wear unique jewelry pieces to complete the look. When colorful beads, trendy fashion buttons and big bold charms stand out in a striking way they create lingering interest.
You need a fun fashion focal point so the eye has something to center on instead of going everywhere and then away from you with no interest. It’s interesting yet comfortable for the viewer to know where to look. People will be transfixed and at ease when your outfit looks complete with jewelry.
The great news is jewelry can draw attention to you, but away from areas you feel self conscious about. Bring attention to your neckline with a colorful necklace, emphasis your pretty hands with a cute bracelet then highlight your features with fun drop earrings. The focus is on you, yet areas you have issues with are less noticeable leaving you free to be confidently beautiful.
Handmade Big Button Bracelet shown above makes a statement with big buttons and cute floating accent beads. Fashion jewelry designed for a big personality. Your individual style is brought out with this original fun fashion bracelet by combining bright green and teal buttons with green accent beads.

This Big Bling Bracelet shown on the right has round buttons with patterns and shimmery textures. The beads vary in size and shape complimenting the buttons in shades of red and dark red. The loops connecting the big buttons make this bracelet shine brighter in motion. Fashionistas love this unique colorful bracelet, because you’re bold and your style is meant to be noticed.  

Bold Colorful Jewelry Keeps You Young and Fun

You can tell how someone is doing sometimes just by what they are wearing. Do you dress bright and fun, or somber and dark? You can change how you feel just by how you put your outfits together and how you accessorize. Your jewelry can fill in with bold fun color and unique style where your clothes might be lacking. So why not accessorize to make yourself happy and bring more color into your life. 
Necklace has big teal buttons and small accent beads connected with silver loopsWear fun earrings, colorful bracelets and bold necklaces anytime you feel down. Colored glass beads, semi precious gems, big silver charms and pretty textured fashion buttons will shine bright, highlighting your eye color and bringing your whole face alive. If you dress and accessorize to feel good and start to feel that way, opportunities will come your way.
There is a benefit to keeping yourself and others around you in a good mood with jewelry. If you’re happy you stay healthier. Also people will feel more comfortable around you and be more likely to talk to you if you look like you’re friendly and open to them approaching you.
Necklace has layers of pink buttons hanging pendant style from silver chainHandmade Big Button Necklace shown above is designed for daring women. Colorful cool jewelry takes your bold style to the next level, so brighten up with this fun fashion accessory and bring extra dimension to your wardrobe. Shiny beads move freely on big silver loops that connect big teal buttons in unique design.

Pink Diva Necklace shown on the right has plunging double layers of eye catching buttons in shades of divine light and dark pink. Fun buttons are handpicked and long silver loops link detailed buttons in pendant style drop. This fashion accessory adds fun to any ensemble. 

Unique Handmade Jewelry Makes Shopping Fun

Buying original jewelry designs is about adding to your fashion style with unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces to show you’re smart, bold and intriguing. Handmade designer fashion jewelry adds layers of interest to your style to make you stand out, because it’s not only what you say, but the impression you give that gets you noticed. 
Vintage style gold flower button earrings with red czech beads and river stonesLook for jewelry that has variations in style and color from the jewelry you already have, don’t buy more of the same. We’ve all made that mistake, because we feel secure in buying what we know. The problem is you end up with multiples pairs of earrings, and a tangle of bracelets and necklaces that look the same. Meanwhile you keep wearing only one favorite jewelry piece over and over again. So step off the edge and plunge into the unknown world of artistic original jewelry designs.
Long drop dangle earrings with green oval glass beads and pretty fashion buttonsFind jewelry that is made with unusual beads, cute charms, or pretty accent findings that make it stand out. If each bracelet or necklace you buy is unique from the next in style and color you will be more satisfied with your purchases. Ofcourse they should all look spectacular on you, or put them back. Also make sure your jewelry is unique from any current trend. If it’s something that you will give away next year, because it looks dated then it wasn’t a good buy. If you have a few pieces like that already you can update them with a creative afternoon of do it yourself jewelry redesigning.

Glam Flower Earrings shown above have fire polished czech beads hanging from glamorous gold flower buttons. Bold, fun earring details make your fashion style shine. These make great wedding, christmas or special occasion earrings. A must have accessory for a gorgeous in demand fashion diva.

Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown above are long drop dangle earrings made with small and medium size fashion buttons hanging from glamorous large beads. You’ll look gorgeous wearing stunning unique earrings that no one else has.

Why I Love Original Colorful Jewelry

I love unique handmade jewelry. Big bold earrings that make you smile, cute bracelets that shimmers when you move, or pretty necklaces you can’t stop admiring. Below are many fun reasons to love original colorful jewelry.
  1. Cute flower earrings with red buttons and fire polished czech beadsYou can spend all day looking at the beads and fun charms hanging off your new bracelet. With all sorts of different shapes and textures you can’t stop admiring it.
  2. Friends and coworkers compliment you on how amazing you look when you wear your favorite jewelry. You just shine.
  3. You feel bolder wearing big earrings and a fun statement necklace, it adds to your confidence. You know you can get through anything today.
  4. You just can never have enough sparkling jewelry and it’s so easy to trade accessories with a friend.
  5. Glamorous chunky bracelet has clusters of shiny blue beads and buttonsIt’s great fun to make jewelry too. You can collect pretty beads, puppy charms and ladybug buttons that nobody else has to make something uniquely you.
  6. Fun unusual accessories can make an old outfit seem new again.
  7. Original jewelry highlights who you are, fun, young and on top of your game. No one can forget who you are anymore.
  8. Your one-of-a kind jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive.
  9. Unique bracelets, bold necklaces and fun earrings inspires your creativity when you wear them.
  10. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are great gifts for friends. It’s shiny and bright, and your friends are happy to receive it.
The Glam Flower Earrings shown above are actually lightweight, so no sore ears here. Earrings have shiny red czech beads and swirl glass beads hanging from flower buttons. This bold, fun must have fashion accessory makes your style shine bright. Great wedding, christmas or special occasion earrings.

Necklace has layers of dark pink plunging buttons hanging from silver chain loopsVintage Style Glam Bracelet shown above has clusters of shiny beads and glamorous vintage style buttons in smoldering retro hollywood design. Unique jewelry for a unique woman. Bring fabulous back to your look with chunky chic fashion jewelry and prepare for an influx of admirers.
Beautiful handmade Princess Necklace on the right casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant double strands of silver colored oval chain. Regal multi strand necklace uses colorful handpicked fashion buttons with interesting shapes and detail. Unusual jewelry design is perfect for weddings, parties and romantic evenings.

Original Jewelry Created from Beads, Charms and Buttons

Fun jewelry design elements that spark creativity in me to design my flirty accessory styles are everywhere. So I’ve made a list of all the different types of shiny beads, big buttons and cute charms that inspire me. These elements are my starting points in design and then new fun earrings, bold bracelets and colorful necklaces just start to happen without much effort.    

Charm necklace has clusters of beads and buttons in green and teal with silver charmsWhen designing jewelry I just love:
  1. silver and gold buttons
  2. pretty flower buttons linked in a row
  3. butterflies charms, ladybug charms and dragonfly charms
  4. heart shaped buttons and heart shaped beads
  5. trying new button and bead color combinations together
  6. adding unusual button shapes and textures
  7. shiny beads, faceted beads and
    2 toned beads
  8. layering charms over buttons
  9. small shiny accent beads
  10. oval and triangle jump rings to link fun buttons to other fun buttons and chain
If the jewelry design I'm working on doesn’t fall into place easily even with these inspirational tips, I put it aside for awhile and that usually does the trick. See my previous blog posts on the creative process called Making Jewelry is Easy and Fun.

Glamorous bracelet has striking silver and red flower buttons with clusters of shiny beads
Beaded Lucky Charm Necklace shown above has cute ladybug and dragonfly charms mingled between green and teal fire polished czech beads, then I added bright fun fashion buttons to complete the look. Handmade charm necklace has everything to make your style charming.
Hollywood Glam Flower Bracelet on the left is a sophisticated bracelet that brings glamour back to special occasions like weddings, christmas parties, gala events and chic soirees. This bracelets is designed with ornate silver buttons, pretty red flower buttons and red fire polished czech beads.

Original Jewelry is My Ready to Wear Art Gallery

Cheeky Charm Earrings have silver seashells hanging from pink buttonsUnique handmade jewelry is art and I’m the canvas. What I look for in art and in earrings, bracelets, or necklaces is cool shapes, bold colors and fun textures combined to create a statement. How I combine my fun earrings, bold bracelets and colorful necklaces with clothing to achieve my look is unique to me. My closet and my jewelry box is my painter’s palette of self expression.
To use your earrings, bracelets and necklaces to maximum effect, look for jewelry that makes a statement on it’s own. Beautiful drop earrings, charm style bracelets and plunging necklaces should entice you to keep looking, therefore when you wear it people will notice you too.

Long Blue Earrings have small beads in silver rings highlighted between two fashion buttonsBe a walking art gallery with bold colorful accessories that pop and get noticed for showing individuality with your fun glamorous jewelry choices wherever you go.

Cheeky Charm Earrings shown above really stand out, because I used big shiny seashell charms hanging from pretty pink and deep plum fashion buttons. If you think people don’t notice you let these fun double button charm earrings highlight your stunning features.

Fashion Star Earrings shown on the left have small beads hanging inside silver rings in this unique design. Buttons connected on each side of the rings make glamorous super long dangles. These trendy handmade earrings were created for fashion stars everywhere.

What’s your individual style? Check out new jewelry designs and shop at

Jewelry Design Made Fun and Easy, Part 2

Leaving unfinished jewelry design projects for another day doesn’t annoy me anymore, now it’s a creative tool I use. Fun time away from my new earring, bracelet and necklace designs lets my unconscious mind take over the creative process. Then when I’m ready to get back to my handmade jewelry creations I am bubbling over with new ideas and fun solutions.

Necklace has emerald green czech beads and bigger turquoise beads encircled in silver ringsAlso with many cute jewelry creations on the go I can pick the earring, bracelet, or necklace designs I want to work on first, if one drop dangle earring style doesn’t inspire me the next earring design will. I never approached making jewelry this way before, but it feels great not to force the creative process. Now I can leave a colorful beaded bracelet half finished and the next time I look at it, the bracelet will just need a small design adjustment.
Bracelet has bright purple flower buttons with small light purple accent beads in twist designIn the past I would never leave a new jewelry style half finished, but I learned my approach was not conducive to great design. Now I’m constantly in the process of starting new earring designs while finishing other colorful bracelet creations, or fun necklace styles. Since I am not fighting the creative process many fresh jewelry design ideas start filling my head and I must hurry to make them a reality.
If you liked reading about taking design breaks and having many jewelry design projects on the go, then check out my past blog on creative differences titled Making Jewelry With My Nieces.

Chic Sweetheart Necklace shown above is made with gold flecked turquoise beads and faceted emerald green czech beads. Beads alternate in size inside silver rings adding dimension and drama, so original necklace has flattering draping design.
Beautiful Destiny Bracelet shown above has deep purple flower buttons connected in a unique half twist design. Shiny accent beads seem to float above the buttons on silver connecting loops adding dimension. This Destiny Bracelet is enchanting with its delicate yet well made style.

My Jewelry Studio Expansion

Antique buttons used to make handmade earrings, bracelets and necklaces in the Flirty Fashion Jewelry StudioIn my growing jewelry design studio I collect and combine a wide variety of beads, buttons and charms. For my unique jewelry line I use semi-precious gemstones, fire polished czech beads, antique buttons, bright fashion buttons and anything interesting I can find. I’m always searching for bold shapes and eye catching colourful patterns to inspire me.

When I’m ready to create jewelry in my studio I make sure I have plenty of light and all my fun shiny buttons, beads and charms within easy reach. Then there are all my tools to bring out, I have so many different types of tools, that so far I don’t even use half of them.

I’m a full-time artist, turning what I love into a business. I love getting bright new beads and buttons in my studio, the textures and variations in colour give me a beautiful bold pallet of choice. I buy my beads and buttons on-line and in local stores, but I also collect them from pre-loved clothing and jewelry. And then there are relatives from far away places who send me interesting shiny trinkets and gems from where they are too.

Recently I’ve found I had no more room in my studio for all my wonderful beads, button and charms, so I’ve expanded. Now the rest of my home is literally a treasure trove of colourful semi-precious gemstones, fire polished czech beads and shiny antique buttons too. As I reorganize I see each day as an inspired adventure. It keeps Flirty Fashion Jewelry looking fresh, glamorous and original.

Check out my shop at

Jewelry Design Made Fun and Easy, Part 1

Charm bracelet has clusters of beads and buttons in sunshine yellow with silver charmsThe prettiest earring, necklace and bracelet designs happen when I’m happy and open to the creative process. Recently I designed a pair of long drop earrings and a charm bracelet that just weren’t going the way I planned. I was stuck, but after a refreshing break, my colourful jewelry designs came together better than I expected.

Long drop earrings have teal fashion buttons and small beads hanging from purple river stonesI see now that it’s important to take creative breaks to have a fresh perspective on my original jewelry designs. So when I create jewelry I enjoy taking small breaks to make lunch, or run errans. For instance when I can’t decide to use more buttons or beads in a new bold earring style, or I can’t decide if I should add another charm on a new fun bracelet, I allow myself to stop for awhile. It hardly seems like a real dilemma, but when I come back to those jewelry projects I feel inspired and can see clearly what to do next.
Beaded Lucky Charm Bracelet shown above has colourful beads, fun buttons and silver pewter charms mingling in a unique design. This cute handmade bracelet has everything to make your style charming. More than a charm bracelet, this accessory stands out with repeating patterns of beads, handpicked buttons and loads of charms. So lead a charmed life and accessorize with this beautiful bracelet.
Romantic drop dangle Princess Earrings shown on the left and right features small accent beads and bright fashion buttons hanging from a larger bead. Look extra special and fashion ready everytime you wear this unique earring design. These romantic drop dangles make stylish wedding, christmas, or any occasion earrings.

Fun Jewelry for Bold Women

Pretty long strand earrings have small beads encircled in silver rings as a focal point between 2 yellow buttonsI love bold jewelry, I wear cute colourful earrings, original bracelets loaded with beads and buttons and plunging necklaces that show off my unique fashion style. Bold accessories suit my personality and I always get great compliments while wearing my fun cool jewelry designs.

I love flower buttons and flower charms on my bracelets, then there are butterfly charms, ladybug charms and big pretty heart buttons for my necklaces. I use clusters of beads and buttons in fun colours for my earrings. I love my growing collection of cute colorful jewelry.

Fashion Star Earrings shown above are long drop dangle earrings with a unique bead in ring design. Silver rings spotlight beads hanging between buttons in this cool accessory. These handmade earrings were created for fashion stars.
Handmade long dangle Cheeky Charm Earrings shown below on the left have silver charms hanging from cute buttons. If you think people don’t notice you, wear these fun button and silver pewter charm earrings and get fabulous compliments.
Flower charm fun earrings have silver sunflower charms hanging from layered red and pink buttonsLong drop dangle earrings have layered green buttons hanging from big oval glass beadsLong Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown on the right are made with small and medium size buttons hanging from a glamorous large bead. I carefully select the buttons and beads for these earrings. You’ll look gorgeous wearing stunning chic earrings that no one else has.
Do you wear fun jewelry styles too?

Unique Jewelry Designs with Buttons

Big Button Bracelet is the first bracelet I showed my sister when I started mixing colourful buttons and beads together in my original jewelry designs. The buttons add unusual textures, shapes and layering to my handmade jewelry for more fun, bold and even glamorous designs. I don’t limit my creativity anymore. Now my favorite items to add to earrings, bracelets and necklaces are vintage buttons, bold fashion buttons, shiny 2-toned beads and big silver charms.

Bold button bracelet has big green buttons accented with small shiny beads linked together with silver loopsMy original jewelry designs have beads, charms and unusual elements like buttons incorporated into the design, because I love telling a story with my earrings, bracelets and necklaces. For instance a big bold button bracelet can describe a woman as fun and free spirited, or a necklace with double rows of plunging buttons can highlight her sophistication and glamour.

Chic double strand necklace has purple and blue buttons linked with silver chain loops and ringsWhat could you use to make your jewelry special? Trinkets or mementos from a trip can be made into charms and bring meaning to the jewelry you wear everyday. Any small item that you can attach a chain link to can be added to your jewelry, that’s why buttons are a perfect jewelry add on.

This handmade Big Button Bracelet shown above is designed for fun women. Small shiny beads move freely over silver loops that connect big buttons together. Your original style is brought out in unique design of bold buttons and cute floating accent beads in green.

Original Purple Glam Necklace shown on the left features eye popping buttons in dramatic layered design with interesting shapes and details. Be different with creative button jewelry. Fun pretty fashion necklace with purple and plum buttons is great for a fancy soiree.

Selling Jewelry is Easy with Sisters

Striking drop dangle earrings have red sunflower buttons hanging from small darker red buttonsI love wearing my handmade jewelry out. Whenever I step out of my house, it’s a chance to show off my newest trendy bracelets, colourful earrings and flirty fun necklaces. I get great compliments and feedback on my original designs.
I make new jewelry designs every few weeks. Then when I meet a sister or a friend at a coffee shop, I bring my new earring, bracelet and necklace designs along. Often friendly strangers will come up and want to see my bold bead and button jewelry too. I ask them what colours and styles they like best and if they want to try something on!
Drop dangle earrings have big bright blue fashion buttons hanging from small dark blue buttonsMy sisters are also great supporters of my unique jewelry and will wear my jewelry designs whenever they can. I sold 15 pairs of earrings to a neighbour after one sister wore my earrings at a street sale. Another sister showed a pair of earrings I made for our niece to co-workers and her co-workers bought some of my jewelry too.
Last week I had a green pair of Big Button Fashion Earrings in my jewelry post,
Jewelry Gifts for Cool Sisters and Bestfriends. This week I have 2 more pairs to show. These earrings have big buttons hanging from fun small buttons in unique design. Colourful cute details make these earrings fabulous for all daring women.

Do you make wearable crafts? Wear it whenever you can and ask your friends and family to do the same. Their excitement and support for you can be contagious.

Jewelry Gifts for Cool Sisters and Bestfriends

Necklace has layers of plunging pink buttons, each hanging from long silver loopsWhen jewelry shopping for your super bestfriend or cool sister, the gifts to look for are handmade and one of a kind accessories they can’t find anywhere else. Buy that long dazzling pair of earrings, the cute charm bracelet, or the glamorous necklace you know will look great on them, but they won’t buy for themselves.
You can find fun chic handmade jewelry designed by talented artists at reasonable prices. If you see a beaded bracelet created with all the colours your bestfriend loves, or a long pair of earrings made just like your quirky sister would wear, be spontaneous and buy them.

Glamorous bracelet has striking gold and black buttons with clusters of shiny beadsJewelry can be a fun pick me up and a bestfriend, or sister will always appreciate your thoughtful gift and someday return the favour. Friends and sisters are with us through all of life’s ups and downs, so don’t wait for a special occasion like birthdays or christmas to surprise them with a fabulous bracelet or elegant necklace.

Beautiful handmade Princess Necklace shown above casts a spell with pretty pink buttons hanging from elegant double strands of oval silver chain. Unusual jewelry design is perfect for weddings, parties and romantic evenings.
Drop dangle earrings have big bright chartreuse fashion buttons hanging from smaller kelly green buttonsThis Hollywood Glam Bracelet shown above is designed with ornate gold and black buttons with faceted czech beads in striking shades of green, blue and teal. Bracelet has glamorous vintage look perfect for fashion divas making a dramatic entrance.
Big Button Fashion Earrings shown on the left have big buttons hanging from fun small buttons in unique design. Colourful cute details make these earrings fabulous for all daring women and are a must have fashion accessory for trendsetting fashion stars.

Read Making Jewelry for Family and Friends Turns Addictive, if you would like to take the next step and make jewelry for the people you love.

Fun Jewelry Styles Inspire Happy Attitude

Vintage style gold flower button earrings with red czech beads and semi-precious stonesWith fun jewelry your style can have humour and still be fashionable. If you’ve taken your style too seriously in the past, try fun accessories for a change and fashion will be your happy friend for life. Experiment with wearing cheeky fun earrings, bold charm bracelets and big colourful necklaces and give yourself and everyone around you a cheerful lift.
People communicate many things without words so you can use your new fun with jewelry attitude to make yourself more memorable and approachable. Now when you walk into a room wearing your fun fashionable jewelry, people will notice you and your friends will be crazy for your cute earrings, your charming bracelet, or that bold necklace you wear so brilliantly.
Lucky charm earrings have silver starfish charms hanging from layered purple buttonsWhen I make my original jewelry designs I think who doesn’t like oversized ladybugs on a bracelet, big seashells on a necklace and little dog charms on earrings. How about a bracelet made with yellow hearts, or a necklace with cute flower buttons in shades of purple and lavender.

Butterfly charm earrings have silver lucky charms hanging from layered orange buttonsSo when I realized that these Glam Flower Earrings shown above were starting to look like flowers and leaves sprouting from a pot I knew I was on to something. I wasn’t necessarily trying to make flower earrings, but I love it when inspiration leads you down a whismical path. These earrings look vintage with several czech beads hanging from glamorous buttons. Great wedding, christmas or special occasion earrings.
These Cheeky Charm Earrings shown on the right really stand out, because I use big charms, if they were smaller it would seem delicate, but these oversized charms says, "Notice me and smile!" Being subtle was never my style. So get fabulous compliments wearing these cute double button and silver charm earrings. I make these earrings with pretty butterfly, star, flower, fish and leaf charms.

What does your jewelry say about you?

My Favorite Jewelry Designs

I love full charm bracelets, plunging double strand necklaces and lots of beads and buttons on my long dangling earrings. I love jewelry in bold colours with varying shapes and sizes of beads, buttons and charms mingled together.
Cute purple daisy bracelet has light purple flowers and dark purple buttons linked together with silver loopsThe jewelry I wear each day depends on the weather and how I'm feeling. Is it sunny or rainy? Do I need my jewelry to give me a boost, or am I already happy and just want to emphasize how I feel with colourful fun accessories? Cute jewelry is my antidote against grumpiness and rainy weather.
Bracelet has clusters of bright red buttons and beads hanging in pretty charm style designWhen I’m getting dress sometimes I select my jewelry first, because I can’t wait to show off a new bead and button jewelry design. Other times I pick my outfit first and then select a striking necklace, or bracelet with matching earrings to go with it. If the occasion is important, I might pick a sophisticated necklace to wear, or if it’s a fun night out, a playful bracelet will emphasize my personality. Luckily most of the bold, glamorous styles I create are multi-purpose and work for day or night.
The cute Rhapsody Flower Bracelet shown above links big colourful fashion buttons to flower buttons in a unique jewelry design that gives your style an adorable vintage look. This fun yet elegant fashion accessory is perfect for weddings and parties and has an enchanting romantic feel.
Big Bling Bracelet shown on the right uses full clusters of shiny beads and buttons to match your bigger than life personality. This handmade bracelet mingles pretty buttons of varying shapes with clusters of colorful beads. In this style you can find flower buttons, square buttons, round buttons and some buttons even have detailed patterns or shimmery effects. Fashionistas love this bracelet for it’s bold, bright and stylish look.
What favorite accessory brightens your day?

Making Jewelry With My Nieces

Long drop dangle earrings in yellow and orange have layered buttons hanging from large faceted beatMaking jewelry with my nieces is where I learned creative differences are wonderful. We have fun making beaded earrings, charm bracelets, and pendant necklaces. We use alot of cute charms, a crazy amount of beads, big buttons and anything else we can find. It’s a fun after school or summer break activity.
My nieces artistic choices inspire me. I may design a new pair of earrings with a combination of beads and buttons that I think work best and then my nieces take their beads and buttons and combine them differently. I like that, it reminds me that everyone is unique and that there are fun styles for each of us.
Flattering pink drop dangle earrings have 3 detailed buttons linked in long strand with silver loopsSince making jewelry with my nieces, I’m always interested in how people choose the designs they do. Now I show my new earring, necklace and bracelet designs to friends or family for their input. Sometimes everyone likes one style the most, other times they each pick a different jewelry design as their favorite.
Drop Dead Fashion Earrings shown above on the left combine beads with hanging layered buttons to flatter your beautiful face. Earrings are made with small and medium size buttons hanging from a glamourous large bead.
Fab Party Earrings shown on the left uses quirky button shapes in unique 3 button design. Flower buttons and cute detailed buttons are linked in long strand with silver loops to create enticing flirty earrings.

Colourful Jewelry Attracts Attention

Beaded necklace has 3 strands of mingling blue and purple beads and buttons in shimmering loose twist styleWhen I’m designing jewelry with my many beads and buttons I can’t imagine a world without colour. Colour is my mood enhancer. If you want to add colour to your life wear jewelry! Colour shows passion, strength, individuality and style.
Colour attracts attention and many times the intensity of colour in a necklace or bracelet just can’t be found in fabric. A bright pair of earrings can accentuate your features like nothing else can, and that splash of colour from your necklace is a focal point even when paired with simple clothing styles and neutral colours.
Plunging necklace has double layers of green fashion buttons hanging pendant style from strands of silver chainIn my studio I have trays and trays of buttons and beads organized by colour. I love all colour combinations and use tone on tone, light with dark, or contrasting colours most in my designs. The choices inspire me to making a pair of earrings more dazzling, a bracelet more enchanting, or a necklace even bolder.

The Mermaid Strand Necklace shown above has alternating beads wth buttons on 3 strands. Contrasting light and dark coloured strands twist in sophisticated style enhancing your features.

The Green Diva Necklace shown on the right has a plunging layered design with buttons linked in pendant style drops from silver loops. So go shine at that cocktail party.
Is colour your mood enhancer too?

Making Jewelry for Family and Friends Turns Addictive

At first I made jewelry as gifts for my friends and family to save money, but now each birthday gives me a chance to try something new and fun. Luckily my sisters, nieces and friends are happy to receive my experiments in original bead and button jewelry.

Edgy drop dangle earrings have striking dark pink buttons layered with bright pink textured buttonsIf you want to make jewelry for friends and family, plan to make more than one of any earring, bracelet or necklace style you create. So if for example you’re making earrings, once you’ve figured out the design of the first pair, the next pair you make will go much faster. There is also a cost savings to making multiples of your jewelry creations. Since beads, charms, clasps, and eye pins are usually sold in packages of 25, 50 or more, you can use up the excess materials just by making more jewelry.
Big drop dangle earrings have silver puppy charms layered on striking blue buttons
Beware jewelry making is addictive. Once you’ve made a few really pretty pairs of earrings, or a small collection Diva worthy necklaces, you just want to make more. But this creative affliction to constantly make more jewelry can be a good thing, especially when one sister wants the bracelet you just gave to another sister. Now here within your own family you’ve found your first customer and all of a sudden you’re a jewelry designer with a small business.
Bold drop dangle earrings have silver butterfly charms layered on big purple buttonsButton Girl Earrings shown at the top right are a cute fashion accessory for girls and women. These flattering drop dangle earrings pair bright and fun button shapes together. These earrings were made for my sister Martina’s birthday. Sassy button details and bold dramatic colors are combined with fashion flare to make these cute dangle earrings perfect for her.
Large Flirty Charm Earrings shown above and to the left, with silver pewter dog charms hanging over big fashion buttons were made for my niece’s birthday. I knew they would be perfect for her, because she loves anything with puppies on it. Also shown above and to the left are the same style of earrings with cute butterflies charms. I keep seeing more charms I just have to have.

What’s your creative obsession?

One Of A Kind Jewelry for Fashion Makeover

Plunging double strand necklace has purple and blue buttons linked with silver chain8EFBAJHA58CR
Can your fashion style stand to be more adventurous? Jewelry can be an important part of any fashion makeover. Set the tone for how you want to be treated with how you dress and accessorize. Great things happen to those who aren’t afraid to be noticed. So dress to get the job you know you already deserve by accessorizing with a glamorous take-charge necklace, then wear fabulous long earrings on your fun night out and gather many admirers.

Green drop dangle earrings have constrasting big bright buttons hanging from smaller dark buttonsIt doesn’t take much to make a positive change, and that’s where jewelry comes in. Show your individuality and creativity by spicing up your style with one of a kind jewelry pieces. Accessorizing with dazzling drop earrings, charming beaded bracelets and dramatic layered necklaces expands your wardrobe and makes it seem like you have an endless amount of clothes in your closet.

Cute charm bracelet has clusters of bright beads and buttons in pink with silver pewter fashion charmsEverybody likes to work with people who are positive and up for any challenge. Wear this fun sophisticated one of a kind Purple Glam Necklace shown above with your business attire and be professional, dynamic and inspiring.

These striking Big Button Earrings shown above on the right will compliment your fun flirty date night dress to give you the confidence to shine and bring your social life to life.
You can’t go wrong wearing this lush Lucky Charm Bracelet with your casual attire, shown here on the right. Being casual and comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look super fantastic too.
Are you afraid to stand out?